Joe Rogan And Dave Chappelle On The Elon Musk Hosting SNL Controversy!!!


my reaction to the comedians talking about elon musk hosting saturday night live .

  1. The controversy
    Said some covid stuff about lockdown being tyrannical, reopened his factory and people got covid
    Said some stuff about the pronoun gang

    SNL is massively liberal, super woke liberal so that's just never going to be a good thing

  2. I’m going to have to watch this whole thing. Met Dave at the Controlled Danger Show about 2 years ago and it was awesome. As famous as Dave is he’s very personable, he doesn’t act like a a typical rich person

  3. I can't wait for the day when people stop hiding shitty ideas behind the qualifier, "he's just explaining his perspective." That doesn't grant credence to any idea and it isn't a defense for any opinion. We are criticizing his perspective for being shitty, don't waste your breath saying, "yeah but that's his perspective."

  4. the controversy is While people still struggle through the pandemic, reports and examples on the significance of wealth inequality are spreading among working and middle class people. The general consensus is that nobody needs a billion dollars, and hoarding that much wealth is amoral at the very least, particularly in America where people can go broke from a broken arm

  5. It is strange that Joe never brings up the involvement with Amber Heard, even though Joe fully supported his friend Doug Stanhope…

  6. Looks like the woke crowd has hit the thumb down buttons, how can you thumb down Dave Chappelle… sad bunch and for a time I worked in a call center full of these cry baby clowns, spend thrifty cheap skates that don't believe in God… Oh but they want to help everyone but not with with their tight pockets.

  7. Elon's Kara Swisher Interview: He suggests ending the interview abruptly after the host told him to 'put yourself in their (his employees') shoes', suggesting Elon doesn't consider the risk his team takes by coming work.

  8. JRE needs to have Travis Taylor on their show. That guy is an astrophysicist, a novelist, triathlon, reality show guy, musician, wrote two texts books, black belt martial artist, works at the department of defense. This guy is pretty extraordinary!

  9. Are you telling me this guy streams Joe's podcast and add his own unnecessary commentary occasionally? Bro… thank you for streaming, but the commentary is annoying n I don't want to see your face the whole time… ?

  10. Controversy creates readership following. It’s all about the dineros, so everyone is going to give their point of view for readership following. It’s getting to the point where everything said or done, is followed by an opinion, good or bad.

  11. I think Elon means u wouldn't want his life and were pretty much killing the guy ,get him some help.Over worked and probably still under paid lmao his work load is unbelievable

  12. As far as I can tell, "Woke" people were upset that a non neurotypical person had ideas they deemed strange. The ignorance of the so called woke community here is astonishing.

  13. All this I’m mad at “woke” people is not a concern for the average citizen, the average poor person doesn’t care about mr. Potato head being named potato head. This is about rich people like Joe Rogan wanting to relate to his audience and market himself as an every man.

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