Jeff Bezos has sued NASA and the reason behind this is SpaceX winning the three billion US dollar contract for the human landing systems on the moon. The purpose of this is to find such discrepancies and preferential treatment by NASA which will in turn land the deal with Blue Origin. This is not the first time Bezos has been salty over Elon Musk’s success but it may be one of the most desperate attempts to overthrow SpaceX’s total dominance in the space race. Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic may have made the news by completing suborbital flights with their CEOs on board but it is Musk’s company that got to win NASA’s contract without any publicity stunt like the other two. Will Jeff Bezos finally be able to find some actual dirt on those he has accused and win? Or will this effort also go in vain like all those previously done by him?
The video today will first give a quick recap of the event that started it all, the contract being won by SpaceX from NASA. Then we will go over all that has been done by Jeff Bezos as a reaction to this, up to the point of filing a lawsuit. After that, we will discuss the details of the lawsuit and then finish off by sharing our take on who’s right in this case. Here’s a quick reminder that you can subscribe for free and like the video so that we can boost the algorithm. Comments are most welcomed and the best ones will get featured in one of our upcoming videos
In early 2021, it was announced by NASA that a 2.9 billion Us dollar contract has been awarded to SpaceX. The purpose of this was to commission the space exploration company to develop a modified version of its Starship rocket, known as the Starship HLS. It is an abbreviation for Human Landing System. A very optimistic time frame was set, according to which there will be a solid foothold on the lunar surface before the year 2024.
SpaceX’s spacecraft would act as a taxi from the orbital base to the surface base and vice versa. Work has been started on the Starship HLS as payments of up to 300 million US dollars have been made to Elon Musk’s company. NASA initially announced that two space exploration companies will be getting this contract but then decided to award only one at the end. This was a huge blow to all other competition which was hopeful of getting a share of this huge deal. The two main companies affected by this were Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Dianetics.
Jeff Bezos’ initial struggles
The seriousness of the billionaire space race was quite evident when Jeff Bezos was seen struggling as hard as he could to win the moon landing contract away from SpaceX. Let us have a look at the series of events that led to the lawsuit and all which was done by Jeff Bezos up to this point. The first step of retaliation taken by him was to publicly protest the decision and go to government authorities. Blue Origin’s stance was that SpaceX was given preferential treatment from the start and changing the two company contract criteria at the last moment was a part of it.
Even though it was believed that no outcomes would come from this ranting, there were substantial ones produced. The Government Accountability Office or GAO took notice of the matter and suspended all progress on the project until it could investigate the dispute. It was a major speed bump for SpaceX as it meant that it would not be getting the payments to work on the Starship HLS. Musk decided to lay low as a response and not go towards letting loose his legal team.
Bezos’ furthered his public protest and tried another antic. He made NASA and the US government a very lucrative offer that could have resulted in him getting the space contract. He took a page out of his Amazon users manual and said that in case there are discrepancies found by the GAO and the contract to SpaceX is nullified, Bezos’ will give a discount of almost 2 billion US dollars on the contract if it were given to Blue Origin.
It was an evident attempt out of desperation to knock SpaceX out but Bezos’ said that he was doing all these discounts due to him understanding the importance of the space exploration missions. He also said that he was honored to be in a financial position to play this part. All NASA had to do to avail all this was to make Blue Origin a part of the contract.
The latest form of struggle by Jeff Bezos to take the moon lander contract away from SpaceX is to sue NASA itself. This federal lawsuit is the next step taken by Blue Origin after publicly ranting and sweetening the honeypot did not seem to have any effect. According to details of the case, the lawsuit challenges the improper and unlawful proposal evaluations made by NASA for selecting a company for the moon landing program. All three companies filed their proposals under the HLS Option A BAA or broad agency announcement.

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  2. BO should spend ALL its efforts & attention to delivering the promised BE4 engines to ULA, on time, only then will it regain some credibility & stature.

  3. Imagine the symbiosis and acceleration in advancements in planetary exploration if these companies would work together.
    At least on this one issue.
    Aren't we all in this together?

  4. Really?

    Jeff is a Rich elite suing taxpayers money to NASA.

    He spent how much for an elite party ride.

    NASA already went to the moon 🌙 and back in 1969.

    SpaceX helped deliver astronauts to Space station a couple times.

  5. It’s very easy to stop SpaceX Jeff! Agree to unionized all Amazon locations. NASA will be directed by the Biden Administration to award the moon contract to Blue Origin. Simple.

  6. Bezos needs to get over it and focus his efforts on doing something positive for future space travel. Sad to see that he is wasting everyone’s time.

  7. Bezos has done nothing over the last 15 years.
    he has built a fire-cracker, that cannot even go into orbit.

  8. Hopefully, this will all result in a permanent ban on BO having anything other than “astronomical” tax bills from any government, and an outright permanent ban on competing for national contracts. I doubt any government is viewing them with any sympathy or even an open mind now, seeing them just as an incompetent and petulant scheme to rinse the tax payer of money for projects that will never be delivered (arguably fraudulent).

  9. Maybe Jeff is good to deliver hoarding material through Amazon but Elon has been delivering good space material for many years not playing with toys

  10. But lets not forget the great animations, we have video of them going to space, not to mention the video of his lander landing and talking off from the moon. And your not taking in account he has a toy rocket that goes up 60 miles and comes down 60 miles. WOW

  11. Hey Jeff! How many missions has Blue Boredom completed? 21, with none of them to the ISS, and only one manned “mission” . Between 50-60 miles up, the first two manned Mercury launched flew twice that in 1961. You couldn’t even do better than they did in 1961 dude! On the other hand, and this might, just might be what NASA was looking at when they turned you down. SpaceX has had 124 completed missions. 24 unmanned missions, and 10 people up to the ISS. Plus PLUS, SpaceX with get us back to the Moon for half of what you were asking for. Without one mission into Low Earth Orbit

  12. Those Bozo Bezo face prosthetics though…. He makes my spider senses go off… Keep him away from children…

  13. Hey bozos, put something in orbit first. All you have is lawyers. Try producing a viable product

  14. I think Elon is Mad, can you imagine how crazy you must be to think you can re-use a rocket or land it on an oil rig fly to another planet or hover a giant R2D2… what a loon.

  15. Just like previous videos, this vid repeats the same and very little info over and over and over again. It could have been 1 min long. And it doesn't even cover all that is said it would. For example: Where is the your 'take on who is right in this case' ? If you don't have new news and info to share for an 8 min video, then don't post at all. This is some bad fluff created content

  16. 3 months from now:: BO loses lawsuit. Who will jeff sue next?
    A: SpaceX?
    B: another branch of government?
    C: God???

  17. Why do you repeat some information several times within the same video?
    I recognized this in several of your videos and find it a bit annoying.

  18. If Jeff Bezos is really serious about being part of the future of space exploration, perhaps he should follow his engineers and join SpaceX.

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