Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin Secretly Building An Insane New Spaceship in Race Against China!

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Hey folks, welcome back once again to another exciting episode. Alright, now the game is going to be between #BlueOrigins and #China for a while, alright? Yup, we might need to give some rest to Mr. #ElonMusk, because he really deserves some! Now; most of us; might know about Blue origins right? after seeing the titles; you might be thinking, what’s going on between Bezos and China? Well, we are here for that right? Let’s get into it!

The private spaceflight firm owned by the remarkable entrepreneur Jeff Bezos and also led by CEO Bob Smith started its journey in 2000. Just like #SpaceX, the company aims to make tickets to space cheaper and more dependable through reusable launch vehicles.
Even though there aren’t many competencies like in other arenas, aerospace engineering also boasts companies like SpaceX, Industrial Manufacturing Company, #VirginGalactic, Northrop Grumman and United Launch Alliance. Out of these, the primary rival for Blue Origin is SpaceX. Now with the economic boom from China, this country is planning something big from its side! Well, for NASA the biggest moment happened a long time ago! Became curious? Check out the entire video to find out more!

Written, voiced and produced by Jeff Bezos World 🎨
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