Jeff Bezos Went to Hollywood and Totally LOST Control: A Prime Video DISASTER!

How Jeff Bezos Went to Hollywood and totally LOST Control: A Prime Video DISASTER!

When Jeff Bezos introduced Prime Video in 2011, he aimed to give the new business some originality. At first, the service wasn’t taken seriously as a streaming service; instead, it was still seen as an e-commerce venture. When the lead actors Casey Affleck and Kenneth Lonergan from “Manchester by the Sea” won Oscars, Amazon Prime saw its first significant success. Jeff Bezos quadrupled Amazon Prime’s expenditures after the Beverly Hills party in an effort to find a show that will surpass the popularity of Game of Thrones. Amazon Prime lost a stunning $72 million as a result of the poor choice to invest heavily in the television series “The Man in the High Castle”.



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