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KENT, WASHINGTON — Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ private aerospace company Blue Origin unveiled its new moon lander called the Blue Moon on Thursday May 9, The Guardian reports.

SOURCES:Blue Origin, The Verge, The Guardian, CNet,

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  1. Isn't funny all each and every other gov and corporations had to hear the ".. The moon possibly has gold and other precious metals" and their all like dollar dollar bills y'all

  2. That wont happen because space is fake and earth is flat I think he never be to space before . Do people believe this stuff . It all fake.

  3. I'm still laughing , to do what on the moon ? New civilizations in space producing unitanium
    To build intergalactic spaceships out of and rule the Galaxy for the American Empire of military capitalism 💀🤑🇺🇸

    Na 😂

  4. 6.5 metric tons mmmhhhmm still pretty light

    My mother in law weighs more than that 😐

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