Jeff Bezos' Radical Plan To Exploit Inhabitable Planets


Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have been in the private space race for nearly two decades at this point. And, they often like to criticize each other for copying parts of each other’s ideas. Though many of their technological developments so far seem very similar if not identical, their visions to use this technology is radically different. Elon Musk strives to use reusable rocket technology to reach and colonize Mars while Jeff Bezos plans to use landing rockets to expand energy production and manufacturing to different planets. This would significantly aide in reducing pollution as well as keeping up with our insatiable energy demand. This video explains SpaceX and Blue Origin’s goals and vision for space travel in order to illustrate their varying ambitions for space travel.

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0:00 – Jeff Copying Elon
0:36 – Fundamental Similarities
1:47 – Moon Vs. Mars
2:55 – Colonization Vs. Logistics
3:50 – Excessive Energy Consumption
5:33 – Solving The Societal Energy Crisis
7:40 – Solving Air Pollution
8:42 – Off Planeting Manufacturing
9:42 – Jeff Bezos Vs. Elon Musk

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  1. When BO gets to atleast the iss then start talking to am through a well thought out plan for further planetary access and camp.bases on other planets, or else it's just hot air from Dr evil

  2. I think one of the major problems with the idea of space manufacturing will always be the cost. Even if prices are greatly reduced, it will (probably?) always cost a lot more to transport the goods and maintain the factories. I doubt companies would choose the much more expensive route. Thus, the only way to make this happen would be very heavy taxes on earth manufacturing. The issues with this would be that it would lock out many smaller businesses from manufacturing.

  3. Doing both is the best idea. I think bezo’s plan is much more practical, as much as it can be. If it can be done without actual humans. Elon’s plan requires people which is just gonna take longer and be more dangerous.

  4. We need wearable statically charged rechargeable batteries & turbines connected to faucets

  5. that's cool but we can have unlimited resources by having circular economy and forcing industry to adapt because environmentally friendly industries are expensive to establish and run

  6. Bezos is pretty much real life Lex Luthor. The difference is, Lex Luthor would be a good boss to his employees.

  7. They're companies, they'll colonise what's profitable, philosophy is secondary if a factor at all.
    Looking at the development of the SpaceX lunar lander, SpaceX will be the company that colonises the moon

  8. You know there kinda of both right.
    Its probably better to have outposts that ulitizie body’s like the moon rather than colonize it. But than again its good to have a backup save incase something bad happens with Earth.

  9. Bezos has some pie-in-the-sky plan to send industry off-world, while Musk has a solid plan to colonise Mars. The thing is, the tech needed to send humans to Mars, is also capable of sending equipment (and people) to the Asteroid Belt and outer planets.

  10. CO2 is the aftermath of oxygen. The only way to make that possible would be to put plants/living life onto those planets. Really common types of power comes from fossil fuels on earth which would also be a major problem getting. Sure, the CO2 might be reduced on earth, but not the resources used to make it.

  11. And as far as the whole thinking of it all it’s doing is just kicking the can down the road how about we learn to live within the means of our own planet and stick with the Elon musk plan for space exploration which is the sheer joy of exploration or maybe that’s just me

  12. Is it just me or does it seem like the Bezos plan for space colonization sounds like the hunger games but for the whole solar system

  13. One thing to ensure that we don't end up becoming extinct is build technology to deflect any asteroids or comets so they don't wipe out our civilization!

  14. I don't think its evil to use resources from planets that doesn't have any form of life so Jeff Bezos does have good plan!

  15. Idk where in the hell u got that elon musk's plan is just to "go have fun on Mars to cure boredom", it's as a backup for human civilization, and our first interplanetary step, plus it's just one of his many companies that he plans for earth's future, like Tesla making electric self driving cars, boring company making private transport extremely safe and efficient, neuralink to improve human intelligence, keep us up with ai, learn things instantly, give paralyzed people the ability to move and feel, brain controlled prosthetics, and naturally it will continue extending to other things. He has like everything set up, there's nothing wrong with jeff's plan but it doesn't discredit elons at all and it's absolute horse shit what u said abt it being to cure boredom

  16. Whatever happens is the future and the other planets one thing is obvious. Mars is the second home and always will be

  17. From what little I know it seems to me that O'Neil cylinders make more sense for habitability than Mars. Advantages: Same gravity as Earth. Can park them anywhere for ideal Sunshine. Can move them anywhere to join other cylinders or to avoid asteroids. Can walk around "outside" without a space suit and breath air. For fun you can experience weightlessness in the middle of the cylinder. I'm sure the cost will be outrageous though, even compared to colonizing Mars.

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