Jeff Bezos Just Sent His Mom (actually the Blue Origin Landing Platform Vessel) To The Scrapyard

Jeff Bezos Just Sent His Mom (actually the Blue Origin Landing Platform Vessel) To The Scrapyard

What’s Going on With Shipping?
August 16, 2022

In this episode, Sal Mercogliano – maritime historian at Campbell University and former merchant mariner – discusses the decision by Blue Origin to scrap the Landing Platform Vessel Jacklyn, named for Jeff Bezos’ mother. The ship departed Pensacola, Florida under the tow of the Tug Julie F and is sailing to Brownsville, Texas. The decision to scrap vessel dealt with operational costs, manning and flagging of the vessel, and the decision to adopt an alternative method of booster rocket recovery.

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  1. BO stayin classy continuing to be a massive disappointment failing to copy spacex. At least they are consistent…

  2. Ariane group shipped rocket parts from California through the Panama Canal to their launch site in French Guiana.

  3. Space shipping?!? Wow, that’s got me thinking for sure! I never imagined such a thing, not in my wildest dreams😳 Thank you for another great episode Dr Sal. 🇦🇺🦘🤗

  4. The current Kings Pointer was one of the Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) recovery vessels for the Space Shuttle program.

  5. Seems kinda like something a typical mother would not want the "honor" of, because of the implications of all those sea men, catching rockets, and having a lot of dudes in her.
    On the other hand, as this ship was probably purchased and converted as a stop-gap (hehe) measure on the way to a better idea, now JB's got a yacht with a huge landing pad on it, so he can visit his mother now and then, and the business expense of building and operating the ship will have been on the company, while he retains it or sells it to himself at some laughably low price. Saying he's going to have it scrapped is probably part of the scam to reduce its value on paper for the transfer. The expected actions would be to seek a buyer, so as to retain more of the company's capital.

  6. Hey buddy can you tell me where you got that shirt from. On a early video with anchors light house’s sailboats etc. My dad is turning 95 this year. And I want to Surprise him. Any link would be great. Everyone have a great day 😃👍

  7. Hello @Dr. Sal. Apparently Blue Origin/Jeff Bazos was clueless about the costs of going crewless. Re; Jones Act. I'm no lawyer, however on the surface, I would think launching a space "Ship" from any Space "port" in the USA (and it's territories) and returning to any type of "port" in the USA (and it's territories) would fall under The Jones Act. Although in my mind the deciding factor in the Jones Act is the definition of "cargo" in relation to moving cargo between USA ports.

  8. The Redstone group also air lifts Missile parts to the Pacific Missile range locations. Mid Pacific as well as having small flagged ships take larger parts.

  9. There was a movie about a land link communication system in Australia that was the only one that had contact with the Apollo mission to the moon at a critical point. The movie was titled "The Dish", actually quite good.

  10. Good morning. Can you please research this topic and see if you can find an answer. It sounds like no based on your reading, but I am interested in this. Thank you.

  11. Sal – I will send the question about this to my friend Steve – he is a lawyer and used to teach law and thus a professor as well

  12. I’d be interested to see more about maritime shipping in space. Particularly about the ships that now are transporting parts for the modern space industry, but neat historical bits are also really cool. Resources for that would be much appreciated.