Jeff Bezos Just REVEALED What Exactly Went WRONG With Blue Origin’ BE-4 Engine!


Jeff Bezos Just Revealed What Exactly Went Wrong With Blue Origin’ BE-4 Engine!

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#JeffBezos, the founder of Amazon, is of course a man who thinks big. He is costing the American taxpayer billions of dollars a year, and not through Amazon. As you might know, he also owns his own space company, Blue Origin. Blue Origin gets billions of dollars per year in government contracts for space hardware, and yet the only thing they have accomplished is a suborbital rocket for rich tourists.

#BlueOrigin is employing an incremental approach from suborbital to orbital flight, with each developmental step building on its prior work. The company motto is Gradatim Ferociter, Latin for “Step by Step, Ferociously”. Blue Origin is developing a variety of technologies, with a focus on rocket-powered vertical takeoff and vertical landing (VTVL) vehicles for access to suborbital and orbital space.

The company’s name refers to the blue planet, Earth, as the point of origin. Blue Origin’s BE-4 promised better performance than Aerojet’s AR1 #Engine about 10% more sea-level thrust, which would translate into greater payload to orbit and more cost-effective bidding on the lucrative government contracts big defense companies seek. United Launch Alliance underestimated the challenges Blue Origin would face in the development, testing, and manufacturing of the BE-4 rocket engine, ULA’s CEO Tory Bruno said.

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  1. that was so cool! i cant wait to see how hot those rockets can get i bet they go real high i wish jeff bezos was my bf and would give me lots of gifts especially cakes and strawberries mmm yeah i live bipolar weapons. yeah i live in sanfernando valley so hot huh i want to get rid of my dad and take over his company so maybe one day 😚

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