Jeff Bezos Invites Honorary Guest On Blue Origin Space Flight


Clip from Lew Later (Be Careful Ordering Apple Products Right Now…) –

  1. Blue Origin is so lame, mars is not even one of it's goals, instead it's doing meaningless suborbital flights (not even orbital)

  2. Who cares about all the pollution those rockets create just as long as Davidson gets to see nothing in space.

  3. Do not talk about that, what they call a spacecraft it's not! It's an expensive bungee jump! Not doing anything for humanity. Should be focusing on their bigger engines, and building a space station! I mean the dude says he wants to build O'Neill cylinders for humanity! Then show that you're doing it, not just fiddling around like SL? LOL!

  4. Pete be living his best life imao. He’s been a inspiration to me to take control of my life and do what I want in my short little life. Be bold bros

  5. Jeff Bezos to Pete Davidson: Would you like to ride my 🍄 ship into space?
    Pete Davidson: I would love to.

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