Jeff Bezos deals a HUGE blow to private spaceflight after the latest New Shepard flight


New Shepard and Blue Origin are dominating space tourism and media coverage about private spaceflight. And they’re doing huge damage in the process.

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  1. Bezos is executive chairman of Amazon not the CEO or MD he is trying to step away from being the 'face' of Amazon. Blue Origin is his focus not Amazon it's not his job to offer condolences as soon as the news breaks. And he may have done so in private to the families you have no idea! Just because he didn't splash it all over Twitter for everyone to see doesn't mean it didn't happen.

  2. And just where did bozos get the alleged astronaut wings? Didn't the rules change on receiving the astronaut wings just before his first trip?
    I wouldn't call BO's 10 minute trip to the carmin(?) line tourism. More like a test drive. Spacex's Inspiration 4's John Doe citizen trip went for days and way past even the space station. That's tourism. At least Musk had the good sense not to pull a "look at me" stunt. And they actually got to do something worthwhile and it cost them less to boot.
    Oh, and didn't Branson's experimental trip beat out bozos as far as time spent and a better view? William Shatner should have gone on the space plane at the very least.

  3. Considering how cramped that capsule now is with 6 people, can I suggest that the vomit comet gives you a longer joy ride in more personal space to float about for far less money…….

  4. In the UK the news dominating the headlines is the government's plans to remove our ability to own personal motor vehicles. So not only will the average person not be able to go to space, we wont even be able to travel 50 miles let alone to space.

  5. Bozo needs to suckle up to billionares because its their ticket money that will be paying his fines when he gets justly sued for contract failure to supply flight approved BE4 engines.
    No doubt the certification can be bought, but he still needs to supply the hardware. Blue origin, Bezos, Boeing, Biden, Bull5h1t, perhaps its time to erase the capital B from the alphabet?

  6. We live some dark times , man…the world became this billionaire's kindergarden where they ( musk and besos ) fight ( like little kids ) to see who has the bigger rocket in this megalomaniac powertrip to take rich people out of the planet ( dont fool yourself you and me aren't going) while millions ( poor and middleclass ) are exploited by them directly and undirectly struggling to keep food on their table to feed their kids. So thats the math: they exploit the sh*t out of people on earth then they take this money out of human exploitation and resources and will built a spacecraft to leave the planet and go somewhere else to have their own planet full of natural resources to enjoy while earth burns in flames dry with no food whatsoever and plagues caused by the very own climate crisis they ( our gracious billionaires ) created can this logic possibly add up ??!!

  7. Sorry, but… I CAN'T REALLY get too excited about riding a giant penis to ALMOST getting to space. Spaceflightus interruptus, in my book…

  8. 8:32 Fact check: Blue Origin's New Shepard does not produce CO2 locally, however most Hydrogen (H2) is produced by transforming natural gas and that DOES produce CO2. Clean or "green" Hydrogen is produced by electrolysis, which requires water and electric power – lots of power. And that makes sense only if that power is also of a CO2-free source, from renewable energy sources like wind or solar. Currently, the available amount of such clean or green Hydrogen is way too low to power demanding vehicles like aircraft, trucks or even rockets. So while there are no or only very few harmful emmisions from New Shepard locally, it is utterly wrong to say that these flights do not harm our climate and do not produce CO2!

  9. Even though a hydrogen rocket may not produce pollution during its burn, hydrogen is primarily produced through the steam reformation of natural gas. Natural gas production is much worse than coal when considering the methane leaks we have ignored for years. …. The bottom line… burning hydrogen is not truly a clean form of energy.

  10. Jeff Bezos and blue origin is bullshit. Nothing but a stunt. They will never go anywhere or never do anything. Space ex Elon musk know no they’re the best.!.

  11. I have a vision. Faint at first, but stronger every day: Falcon Heavy Wide

  12. Inspiration 4 cost only $16 million? Where did you get that figure? You are saying a Virgin Galactic ticket costs $400,000 and for BO it's $25m but I don't think these figures are published anywhere. Also Virgin Galactic is not running regular tourist flights and IIRC has put them back by another year which makes their ticket price somewhat hypothetical. VG has been repeatedly delayed to the point where I wonder if they'll ever do tourist flights. (Branson said first tourist flights would be in 2007 remember)

  13. The sick and twisted media and political attacks and fad of hating on Elon Musk, is so misplaced, when you consider how did this guy Jeff Bezos escape scrutiny and media coverage and criticism…..oh yeah, he owns the Washington Post!

  14. As for Bezos' priorities, he has not done anything that would be out of his character. Expecting him to care about the Amazon warehouse workers who were killed by the tornado, means you don't know the man. He is anti-workers union stance and actions speaks for him. No air conditioning for warehouses that reach into the 90s F inside, not allowing for restroom breaks. The damage of the warehouse is all that matters. The workers injured and killed are just collateral damage. A minor headache and setback, that's all. How quickly the operation of the site can be restored is the only priority. Bottom line baby!

  15. The Blue Origin Space Dildo ride! It lasts as long as an average sex session, with a happy ending as it ejaculates you into sub-orbital space for a weightless orgasm. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Not a fan of Jeff, however I love his space tourism company.
    You guys are just jealous and petty.
    He stepped down as CEO of amazon a while ago.
    You are pathetic.

  17. The mainstream media is garbage? Shocker… Maybe you should just stop talking about Blue Orgin. They don't deserve it

  18. I have more respect for the original involuntary astronauts of the space program, dogs, chimps, and others, than the corporate and financial pigs who were doused with champagne after a privileged ride. Astronauts my ass!!

  19. Ain't that the fact; just another example of the over excesses and privileges of the wealthy. This is an analogy of the myth of "trickle down economics". Does not do anything for the general good and/or welfare of the average person.

  20. Sorry don't agree with the banging up Jeff about the Amazon warehouse, he turned over operation of Amazon a long time ago.

  21. @8:13 almost all the human-made hydrogen on planet Earth by now is produced out of natural gas, with LOTS of greenhouse gas as byproduct being released into atmosphere. There is no evidence that BE's hydrogen is produced in a co2-neutral way. Do your homework before swearing.

  22. I agree, and yet don't care. Let blue origin take some media noise. When starship happens people are going to forget about bozo and his clown penis.

  23. Just like ship travelers were not common before, then same with airplanes , now rockets. And that’s the worse that corporate greed ? I will say bumping the price of needed medicines 1000% is worse.

  24. How does shaming jeff help the affected employees? Would anything change if he acknowledged the disaster publicly?

  25. To be fair, Jeff Bezos is no longer CEO of Amazon, he's just a stockholder. The current CEO of Amazon should have been there.

  26. I dislike many things Jeff Bozos has done. But, he is a private citizen and we don’t have a right to criticize Jeff. If he was a politician, then yes we can criticize.

  27. I would cut out 3D_printing of organs in space from my futurism fantasy. it is kind of horrible, detestable! Weren't the first 7 Astronauts selected for their healthy abilities and well-trained? Now psychologists are discussing in retrospect if Neil Armstrong was "autistic" See how our public opinion is directed in the wrong perspective, by nooby experts. The whole economy is running in the wrong direction, producing more scrap, and scrappy infrastructure, than 50 years ago. Basic engineering is neglected.

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