Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin to launch Michael Strahan & others into space | New York Post


Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin on Tuesday announced the crew of its Dec. 9 launch, which will carry “Good Morning America” co-anchor and former New York Giant Michael Strahan as well as five others past the atmosphere.

Strahan and Laura Shepard Churchley, the eldest daughter of Alan Shepard, who was the first American to fly to space, are both invited guests on the flight, Blue Origin said in a statement.

Four others are paying for their seats, though Blue Origin did not disclose how much they paid.

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  1. pointless, planet destroying, funfair ride. These people need to get a grip. They will be the ones screaming at you for driving in a diesel car while they are destroying the atmosphere.

  2. sending a black man into space? i'm pretty this is racist somehow, right? brb gotta check what CNN says.

  3. So Kirk did mot go up, and this was just a publicity stunt to equally get to say that this man was on the same level as SpaceX

  4. Why don't they launch Biden, Harris, and a few Democrats into space.
    And leave them there !

  5. Ghislaine Maxwell should be your priority instead of space a very historic crime scene by the rich and powerful!

  6. The Dog and Pony Show Never Ends..These Parasites think We Are All Morons.. Strahan's Soul WAS Sold Long Ago.. Why Because Psychopaths Rule the World.. 😁😉

  7. Black people so oppressed in America that a Billionaire is sending a black man into space over hundreds of millions of white folks 😂

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