Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin successfully launches first Egyptian, Portuguese to Space | Watch

‘I am spinning’, an excited passenger is heard saying as other crew members experienced zero gravity on board New Shepherd space flight. The supersonic flight to the edge of the space was launched by Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin on August 4. This is Blue Origin’s sixth passenger flight to space in which crew members experience a few minutes of weightlessness and marvel at the spectacle of Earth from space. The crew on board included a passenger from Egypt and from Portugal- both first from their country to leave earth.

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  1. Are you a Muslim… this Egyptian… when Egyptian are dying of hunger….u spend billions to space to be seen of men… very selfish

  2. India also doing same thing st lowest cost all over the world in 20 million us dollars and and we send crew above 400 km from earth this is massive and sbout 4 to 6 hours in space time

  3. They are fool who claimed they touch outer space🌌 only 100 km away from sea level not ground level, I think they have a lot of money to feel new experience.This are emerging new space tourism but those agencies gain more which have low cost setup. ISRO is working process to reducing cost.

  4. Blue origin has less budget than ISRO, yet they've seem to managed to achieve more in just 5 years compared to ISRO's 50 years. I wonder why?

  5. Jeff bezoz is new kid other blocks creating advance space technology …

    And here isro old timer still bullshiting with old space technology…

  6. oh my god .etni speed sy yeh space shuttle bna diya

    abi abi piche llsal he toh is ki test drive fail huyeh thi

  7. mujhe yeh samaj hi nehi ati ki space tourism duniya mai ghumne ki jaga kaam par geyi hai ki space jake log ghum rehe hai… 🙄

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