Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Rocket Explodes After Liftoff (With Slo-Mo)

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Rocket Explodes After Liftoff (With Slo-Mo)

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  1. Frankly what is the point of New Shepherd? It can't get to orbit where the future and money is. Instead it caters for a small pool of people with much more money than sense. After this mishap, the largely elderly and untrained potential customers should reconsider as high g injuries are no joke when young. The landing looked more like a car crash than a soft landing. Time for the FAA to show it is not totally bent on delaying Starship and to investigate New Shepherd. It is a very limited concept – a rich man's vanity project born out of jealousy. How many launches has SpaceX achieved in the same time – 150?

  2. There was not an explosion, it was an engine failure. All the bright lights are from the solid rocket fuel shooting out of the capsule from the ejection. If the booster stage had a parachute, it would still be in one piece.

  3. Yet, 50+ years ago we sent men to the moon (SIX TIMES!!) with no problems….through the Van Allen belts, landing on, walking on, roving on & blasting off the moon, flawless re-entries, etc. Using primitive technology & less computing power than a basic cellphone. Yeah…OKAY!!! Oh wait…that's right…must be because they "lost" all unimportant spacey/moony stuff so they don't know how to do it anymore. LMAO

  4. i believe the saying is launch abort systems are only slightly more preferable than dying. what a ride that would be…… shudder.

  5. Congratulations! This explosion shows that Jeff BEZOS' rockets are reliable. Despite an explosion, they can bring the passengers back safely.

  6. Bezos’ Blue Organ suffers glan malfunction. And I want to see unedited telemetry of capsule “touchdown”.

  7. Lmao 1964 American used computer with less computing power of iPhone to get to the moon or so they said but 2022 American can't even get a successful shuttle launch.

  8. i thought it was boing making a rocket shot, but sadly…. they're still on the pad for an indefinite amount of time namely until nasa forks over more millions or possible a launch time of the 12th of Never.

    At least Salvage 1 got off the pad.

  9. When the capsule fired its engine/s to escape the rocket its engine looked like it stayed on much longer than necessary after separation was complete. On landing I did not see any type of rocket engine/s fire to slow the decent. The dust looks like it was created as the capsule touched down. Hope the crew was able to walk away uninjured.

  10. The title is quite wrong. It did NOT explode, There was an engine issue and the capsule escape system activated. The booster was able to carry out a controlled, powered descent although it is not yet clear where and how comfortably the booster landed.

  11. They may survive the explosion but I don't know about that landing…..I wish I could know the velocity it landed in the dirt, but according to those dirt clouds it looks painful.