jeff bezos BLUE ORIGIN!


  1. Roy is a genius but i have to practice my pronunciation of "Jeff Bezos" in fact i love the idea of 1 million nft no more can be minted right Roy? let me contact my friend Bezos to write me that $1,000 cheque Roy, The market is still scary Roy, when do you think will be the best time to jump back in head and toes..Pothead thanks for the encouragement that one day i will be rich because of these NFTs but i can tell you that i have a large grave yard of these shit ofcos not Roy's his ones are special

  2. 25 yr old should be referred to as baby escorts 😁💃……. I ❤️ those nft Roy it’s genius a million 🤩 you gonna b so freakin rich Roy……. That’s a good deal CL could not gonwrong …. CL will be rich to 😮!

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