Jeff Bezos believes humans can move the polluting industry off of Earth and into space

“CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King sits down with Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark shortly after successfully soaring into space with Blue Origin. Bezos shares how they can lay down infrastructure for future generations to take the polluting industry off Earth and into space.

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  1. I’ll translate, “please Mr government, come and spend billions on climate change prevention, which is pointless and counterproductive, so that I may offer my services and you can regulate domestic manufacturers into non-existence as they won’t be able to afford manufacturing costs so everyone will have to go through me.” But tbh won’t people just move manufacturing offshore? This literally makes no sense.

  2. So basically now human is willing to destroy other planets after destroying earth.. Greed!

  3. complete idiot to think it’s enough “free shxt” to get out of space. mf think just because he went from amazon prime to space flight & got the pollution heavy mindset 3 seconds after barely penetrating the earth’s atmosphere. The motherf?cker need to go outside the spaceship with no helmet on & simulate swimming for 3 eons.

  4. I've never been out of term sphere, I've been impersonated and targeted and resuscitated. The engineers have stalked me into oblivion. I've only been as far as Mexico my whole life. MORPHEUS EVEN CAME BACK AND DEMANDED THE DOME BE OPEN. My ex husband and kids were also impersonated and none of us have been out of term sphere. Eliminate hydraclone Grey dress body Grey suit staircase access. They even locked the underground flume that would have saved us and allowed us a slide access. I watched an entire moon break when they gassed my family and in 2017 from Cedar city utah, they kept us adrenalized at the same time. I can create sun moon and star and they've targeted me for it

  5. Corporate propaganda. He wants to own space and turn us into slaves under his fiefdom. "I don't think people realize how important it is to let rich people own space."

  6. I don’t see the problem with us sending trash to space in the future, I mean it’s literally called “space” for a reason duh 🙄

  7. All of these wealthy billionaires and elites are absolutely f'n crazy…. along with those who believe their BS. Just as the listeners of H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast in 1938 were consumed with their own idiocy and believed aliens were invading earth to the point they were driven into hysteria. The exact scenario is playing out today with this environmental movement and virus lunacy. Morons.

  8. Overpopulation is the problem that needs to be solved. I think that Bezos could have transported about 100 garbage bags into space at a cost of several million dollars, brilliant!

  9. They don't want to move to space. They want the workers to move to space while they get to live on a better earth 🤫

  10. “They’re competing against each other but there can be many winners.” I like Jeff Bezos more after this interview!

  11. “We can put all the people we don’t want in space and they can do the hardest most deadly job ever” Jeff Bezos

  12. Bezos famously said he would go after book publishers the way a cheetah would pursue a sickly gazelle 😱 🤢Yeah, keep using Amazon Prime… Monopolies are never good

  13. I love this cool type of smartness he exudes.

    If he really wants to keep earth for light industry only, he got 100% of my heart with him.

  14. Where are the pics? I still have not seen those famous pics everyone was talking about and some people were trying to keep hidden. I guess she couldn’t ask him to show us his rocket 🚀 😂