Jeff Bezos-backed Blue Origin vows to put first tourist in space by July l GMA


The space tourism venture, created by the Amazon founder, announced it will launch its first crew into space on July 20, with one seat going to the highest bidder.

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  1. I don't know about this giant space dildo… 👀 Actually this is an accurate representation of 🇺🇸's megalomaniac oligarchy.

    Delta variant, Delta Airlines, tomato tomato, just semantics. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    BABYLON'S karma is well earned.

  2. This commentary is crap. SpaceX was the first to land rockets, well before Blue Origin , and they didn’t experience four massive failures, they experienced four explosions of prototypes that were pushed to the edge of innovation in a rapid design, production, and test cycle.

  3. Can they all just go already on a one way ticket and take all their kind with them! And while they are at it they can take Billy Porter, Stacey Dash, CK, Cynthia G and their followers with them. I'm sure those breadwenches would die of happiness to live in a society surrounded only by non black men.

  4. Title says " First Tourist " in space …. NOTHING ABOUT THEM COMING BACK OR SURVIVING.

  5. The first tourist in space happened 20 years ago 🤦‍♂️

  6. How much does he have to pay to get news outlets to not laugh while they cover his generic Space X lolol

  7. This is hilarious. And that poor ignorant bastard that pays for and wins the auction… This is supposed to be a straight up and straight down flight. They won't even experience pseudo-zero-g. For those who don't know, even in Low Earth Orbit you are still nearly 100% experiencing Earth's gravity. The only reason why the people in the ISS are appearing to be experiencing zero-g is because they are constantly falling, just that their trajectory of falling carries them past the Earth, so they are constantly falling. With this, they go up, 100% gravity the entire way, and then they fall directly back to Earth, no orbit. They will have a fraction of a second, as the craft comes to a stop at its peak, where they will experience weightlessness relative to their surroundings(the inside of the craft), and then it is immediately back to the full force of Earth's gravitational pull. This is so dumb, on many levels. The biggest way it is dumb is, the people are greatly risking their lives, putting themselves in mortal peril, for what is essentially nothing. Man, if you need a thrill that badly, just go and get into your car and drive it around the block once, you will be more danger doing that than you will be on this rocket ride.


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  9. that's whack bruh they've been working on this forever just for what a few minutes or a few hours on space while Elon is already working on how to make a passenger rocket to mars

  10. 250,000 for a few minutes or hours in space….Holy moly donut shop 😭✋ ain’t happening even if I was rich 😂

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