Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin complete historic spaceflight


Jeff Bezos and three other people aboard a Blue Origin capsule traveled to space for just minutes before landing safely back on Earth. Mark Strassmann has more on the historic journey.

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  2. Shame on CBS for catering/praising a billionaire in this society of today's world. I never THOUGHT CBS would stoop to this level. EVEN NBC, which I dislike more than CBS, mentioned the inequality & disagreement of billionaire space flights. PAY your taxes & use your money for more worthy causes for society and I would respect u. We have way too many problems. Space trips are just not our priority. CBS, I thought u were better than this.

  3. He's looking for his own planet B to escape to while The Earth suffers. Just a pissing contest paid for by the labor of underpaid, overworked Amazon employees,

  4. Besos tries hard to find customers. He is also looking for more bailouts. Give him the figures he should support the needy during this time.

  5. Historic in the fact that they've proved if you have enough money you get to do what you want even torching billions to go into space to prove anyone with enough money can get to experience weightlessness….meanwhile, drought, floods, pandemic and probably famine is what's left for the peasants to enjoy….

  6. Are you all trying to escape earth's raising vibration or something? Is the mass awakening too much for you all to handle?

  7. Nothing but a billionaires pissing contest. He could have made the world a better place with all of his wealth, but instead used it to play "Astronaut". Nothing new was learned as we did lots of these near space launches in the 1950s. What a complete waste of time and money. Going to the edge of space doesn't make one an astronaut.

  8. WHEN YOU GET TO SPACE and look out the window…… WHAT most of the time was not spent looking out the window but playing inside ,, do the 0G plane ride if you not going to look outside

  9. Oh, wow! It’s like the Gods are ascending to the cosmos, leaving the rest of us schmuck too deal with our deteriorating planet. Now they can pull the strings above us…

  10. under 100 million dollors we can make a pipe from the ocean to the desserts a filter factory and plant trees all over the dessert to save the planet, but no this is more important

  11. I get the rich need to pay their fair in taxes and should let their workers unionize. However I think it’s great this is occurring too. We can have a privatization of certain space related thing while increasing funding on NASA.

    People will also say we got more important things to worry about than exploring space. No, everything is linked to science and exploration and we can go to space while solving problems on earth. We spend enough money fighting endless wars. Yet people freak out more about funding space travel? Give me a break.

  12. "take care of the planet" oh wait.. Im gonna blast a rocket to space 3 times the speed of sound… And plan on doing it regularly. FU planet

  13. Man… is common place now…'s only a matter of time now…..when we all fly the Cosmos.

  14. Paying workers $15.00 an hour and they have to pizz in bottles while he's playing around in space. What a pos person

  15. This is just wannabe whyte supremacist playing around wit thier ill gotten gains… these freaks don't even pay taxes, something is off with these so called elites

  16. He still looks just as when Heaven's Gate happened!

    Didn't even grab lower earth orbit, but that's okay.

  17. I like the hat. He looks a little like Don Knotts from the movie, "The Shakiest Gun In The West."

  18. The same rich people want us to stop eating beef while they continue to pollute the earth. I 2nd the motion NOT TO CARE!

  19. I could care less! How materialistic and greedy and selfish they are – it’s not good news but a continuation of the wastefulness of the elite and news media – you could do stories on so much good! End of statement!

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