It happened…! Russia's desperate attempt to DESTROY SpaceX & STOP Elon Musk in Ukraine.


It happened…! Russia’s desperate attempt to DESTROY SpaceX & STOP Elon Musk in Ukraine.#STARSHIPFANS

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It happened…! Russia’s desperate attempt to DESTROY SpaceX & STOP Elon Musk in Ukraine.
Russia’s desperate attempt to destroy SpaceX Starlink in Ukraine.

In the most brutal war going on right now, Elon Musk has sent a lot of Starlinks to Ukraine to help the country fight the Russian invasion.
As a result, SpaceX and Elon Musk have indirectly become Russia’s number one enemy. Russia is therefore seriously putting all its efforts to destroy SpaceX and Musk both in real life and on social media.
So, what exactly did Russia do to SpaceX?
And how did Elon Musk humiliate Russia after all?
Let’s find for all in today’s episode of SpaceX Fans:

It has been 80 days since Russia invaded Ukraine, and they have caused severe destruction of critical infrastructures across the country. One of Russia’s war tactics is to destroy communication systems to prevent Ukrainian forces from coordinating defense operations.

To deal with this problem, the country’s Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov asked SpaceX founder Elon Musk for a reliable communications system to assist with keeping civilians safe. Following this, SpaceX has provided its service for free in the country, and it has also donated terminals required to connect to its service.
Recent reports showed that up to 150,000 people were connecting to the service daily in Ukraine.
Starlink then directly influenced the course of this war.

Unsurprisingly, the Starlink service has become the target of numerous Russian cyberattacks.

The Russians have tried to inhibit Starlink’s ability to operate reliably in Ukraine. On Wednesday, May 10, Musk shared that the SpaceX Starlink cyber defense team continues to do a good job protecting the satellite broadband network. “Starlink has resisted Russian cyberwar jamming & hacking attempts so far, but they’re ramping up their efforts,” announced Musk via Twitter.

He also shared a Reuters news story about Russia’s cyber warfare against multiple internet systems. The report states Russia performed a massive cyberattack against Viasat, a satellite internet network. The attack caused ‘tens of thousands’ of Viasat terminals to go offline in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Estonia.
This further proves the ability of Starlink as well as the SpaceX team.

But this raises the question: How exactly has SpaceX handily fought off Russia’s Starlink Jamming Attempts?

Behind the scenes, SpaceX scrambled to upgrade its service for use on a battlefield. A firmware update enabled terminals to be powered by a car’s cigarette lighter. The company also had to adapt to Russian attempts to interfere with signals between terminals and satellites.
It happened…! Russia’s desperate attempt to DESTROY SpaceX & STOP Elon Musk in Ukraine.
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  1. Don’t believe a word of this
    We all know what’s happening in space, Russia and in fact everywhere is not what [people] are telling us
    Good luck

  2. This time what went on in Vegas will not stay in Vegas!!

    I met both Britney Spears and Elon Musk in 2000 at Bellagio. Britney just stared at me as she was singing on stage and I was standing in an archway above and nearby. I'm not sure if I was supposed to be standing up there by myself but I did have her undivided attention. A few days later Elon came up to me and started asking me questions about what I was doing there, in Las Vegas and Hawaii during that time. If I would I be fine answering a few questions. And if I was a gambling man? I stated, "I was on vacation and I only like to bet on things that are worth betting on!" I had earned these trips by qualifying reward points at my work. He asked, "What kind of work is it that you do?" I said, "Commercial energy saving promotions but I had been schooled in Automotive Marketing Business Administration and worked in that field for several years as well." He asked me, "If I had millions of dollars to spend what would be the most innovative businesses that could help humanity?" We talked about electric cars, we talked about solar energy and so many other subjects for over an hour. Even commercial space exploration for the consideration of colonization. That way all of humanity's eggs are not in one basket in case of another world war, asteroid strike, major climate change, etc. These we're very expensive and ambitious businesses to become successful at. Therefore we had to talk about ways of keeping a low overhead in advertising, distribution and the manufacturing. He said, "They were all very good ideas and that they should be done!" He said he had already made hundreds of millions off of a couple internet companies he started. "One of them was PayPal," he stated. Not that I had really done a lot of online banking or e-transfers at that time I didn't think much of it, until I noticed online about a year later that I could buy something off the computer with my PayPal card! Unfortunately I had just received a promotion as regional manager with the company I was working with. This made me let Elon know that I had to wait for a few years before I could assist further. I keep on sending out messages, hoping that he will get one and reply back. I will probably have to keep on trying, he gets more messages in a day then I would in five years! It is very inspiring to me to have a conversation with someone and they dedicate the next 20 years to making our conversation reality! We also talked about becoming your own best supplier and starting businesses that help your existing business. A type of slingshot effect that he has incorporated very well. It is so ambitious and amazing that he was willing to put pretty much all of his money where his mouth is and just make it happen with a consistent dedication. Congratulations Elon and I am looking forward to working with you again, one day in the near future! I still come up with innovative business ideas on a daily basis. Of course Britney I always wish her well and would enjoy meeting her again as well. Shoot for the Moon then Mars and then we will end up amongst the Stars! If you would like to learn more of these topics let me know. People with integrity expect to be believed otherwise they let time prove them right!
    [email protected]

  3. Starlink that the US government paid for, by the way. It wasn’t a donation.

    As we’re finding out, Russian programmers aren’t nearly as good as people thought. They’ve also failed, at least three times in their attempt to bring the Ukrainian power grid down, as well as their internet service. So these results aren’t that surprising.

  4. US is directly involved in this Conflict… There is always a threat of esclation. USA should stay out of this conflic the same way as they do from Palestine-Israel.

  5. LOL talk about a bad losers he brought this on himself and under-estimated the world's response. I wonder how he would feel if some Tyrant started attacking his country 🤔

  6. It's pronounced Roy-ters not Roo-ters. I don't mean to be picky but this common knowledge. Otherwise this is a great video.

  7. Just who does Rogozin thinks he is. Threatening Elon and SpaceX while Roscosmos is producing missiles for the Russian military! Hypocrite!!!

  8. If I was Elon and Putin ( puta ) destroyed my satellites I would turn a falcon nine into a bomb Indirectly hit the Kremlin with it

  9. While we wait for Musk's amazing Starship rocket, today's space program centrally depends on the original 1960s Mercury and Gemini rocket, Atlas and Titan. And we beg Russians for 1950s Soyuz to lift our heaviest loads. We use the ancient Mercury and Gemini, why not the newer and best, Apollo F-1 rocket? Why beg the Russians for their stronger rocket than our Gemini Titan? The Apollo F-1 remains the strongest rocket ever! F-1 the only 100% reliable rocket ever! 65 engines, 13 flights, zero F-1 failures! To the moon with five F-1 not 39 raptors, and no risky refueling in orbit! NASA planned the F-1 to take us to Mars by 1985, why didn't we use it? Why not now? With 39 F-1 we could do far MORE than Musk's Starship! Why did we waste 15 years waiting for the Shuttle rocket? A weak hydrogen burner needing solid fuel boosters. We could have launched Shuttle on 2 or 3 F-1. Why did we wait 60 years for Musk, Bezos and ULA to replace the Apollo F-1? We centrally use old '60s Mercury, Gemini, we discard America's best, Apollo and use Russian Soyuz. And old late 60s Shuttle weak hydrogen rocket is now back on the new SLS to take us back to the moon – weak, so with solid fuel boosters. Why not use the tested and proved, 100% reliable F-1 that already took us to the moon? What is the hidden scandal of the F-1 that it's the only '60s rocket we don't use? Our strongest, that took humans the farthest. The F-1 was plagued with explosions early on. Oscillations, but engineers found a way to make them "self-correct." Then F-1 became the most reliable, strongest rocket ever. Is this the scandal Neal Armstrong meant in his moon landing anniversary, last speech: "Things left undone," "protected by truth's protective layers." Maybe the F-1 that powered the moon flights has some hidden scandal. What else could be left undone, protected by truth's protective layers? Going to the moon/Mars would be more urgent. If people thought no one had been there before. Do we want the real 1st people on the moon to be communist Chinese or invading brutish Russians? The race would be back on!

  10. Our architectural consulting business is constantly the target of hackers. We have nothing of value on our website. I can't imagine what it's like with government sponsored hacking.

  11. I have Viasat… It’s so terrible a service that I’m not sure I’d notice if it went offline. Just like now, I’m usually forced to use cellular data.

  12. "USA has a long history of bringing "UNFILTERED NEWS" to people"……../chuckle

    The USA cant even bring unfiltered UNBIASED true news to their own people. No "democratic" country in the west is as censoring their information as the big US news companies. You have to look for "binge" news outlets to get "real" information.

  13. Reliable method to prevent Russian hackers from attacking Starlink…sever Russia's connection to the global internet community virtually and physically. Isolate their section of the network. Why hasn't this been done yet?

  14. So the UK 🇬🇧 has signed a treaty to provide nuclear and military force protection for Sweden and Finland which lay on Russia boarder. While they decided to join NATO.
    The UK 🇬🇧 has been sending it's latest weaponry and special service operatives (SAS to you Americans)
    Some how. This channel claims SpaceX is Russias number one enemy for providing Internet connectivity!
    Anyone else think it a slightly over the top statement 🤔 😅
    Click bait or delusions of grandeur?

  15. Russian troops murder and rape civilians..
    Now russia is complaining that a civilian is helping these civilians… bizare

  16. Putin threatens to kill people…. hmm…
    I know putin is quite well off.. but what happens if some of the rich people he has threatened (in order to protect themselves.. their families and mankind in general) just put say a 10 billion usd contract on Mr Putin… how long will he last then… 10 Billion usd…

  17. Russia has bigger things to worry about than starlink. Over 13,000 hackers have been bombarding their net system with all kinds of clever stuff. They have stopped Russian troops being able to communicate properly in Ukraine and basically bombarded their servers with so much info they are crashing. It has got so bad Russia is doing a China and trying to put up a "wall" around it…good luck with that one Russia.

  18. remember we don't have military like we use to and we do not have a government, sugar coating does not work anymore.

  19. So mr. Mush if you like democracy so much, why you want to allow mr. Pooptin's pet-yank back on twitter?????

  20. Please calm down, no hypertalk, not everything is crazy of fantastic, give simple facts, no empty big words please…breath in breath out…lean to pronounce english the right way…Thank you..

  21. I'm okay with Russia targeting technology. For every person they have targeting the technology, hopefully that means it's one less person they have working to target civilians.

  22. Hard hitting title? CHECK! All caps words for emphasis where appropriate? CHECK! Lack of hyperbole or click-bait? CHECK! Solid content with documentation of claims? CHECK! This video is fulfilling your promise to SpaceX fans.

  23. This raises the baffling question of why Musk would do anything for our 45th President who has repeated shown that he is a Russian asset.

  24. Dear SPACEX FANS Team. I like your content and I follow closely every release. But the title.."it happened" sounda like a bait. Has an extent of dishonesty and extreme persuation. Pls dont use it.

  25. For crying out loud it's time to TALK, get Putin, Trump, and Nigel Farage around the table and stop the horrible wars, please Elon Musk don't poke the Russian government or it could possibly be a third world war with missiles flying in all directions and the ordinary people suffering from the consequences, peace NOT war.

  26. uncensored version of western internet would be nice… no real info on youtube, facebook, twatter, instagram, linkedin… being blocked and banned everywhere… western idiots should shut up about russian propaganda, fake news and disinformation… climate change, covid, ukraine… the list goes on and on

  27. maybe a stupid question…what if russia attacks a starlink satelliet with hardware ( rocket or something ) ?
    is that a act of war against the USA or a act of war against spacex ?

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