Is Starlink RV a good internet solution for Overland Camping?


In this video we’re taking a look at Starklink for RV. Is it a good, reliable source of internet for off-grid, overland camping? How reliable is it? What are the download speeds, what are the upload speeds? Can you rely on Starlink?
Find out in this video.

Starlink Video for Rv’s –

  1. For $599 I would have a hard time with the unreliability and finicky sky coverage restraints, plus the huge size of the antenna for packing. For overlanding I’d probably prefer to get a cheaper Weboost system and my existing unlimited cell data plan.

  2. I think the biggest benefit is that it's relatively easy to bring and could be a really valuable tool if you don't have a sell signal and need to get a hold of someone. It's like having a satellite phone, but with the benefit of also having internet.

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