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It’s The Season Of Intermittent Satellite Signals

Everybody is curious about Starlinks performance, they have seen grandiose speeds being posted and wish theirs was the same. These great speeds we see are usually not the average, they are something that we like to call “burst speeds”. The overall average of speed of Starlink users is well below the 200-300 speed tests being shown online. That being said, you can run multiple speed tests and get different results every time, why does Starlinks internet connection fluctuate so much? Did you install something wrong or is this normal? Is there something you can do to improve your speeds and make it more consistent?

Every spring we go through the transformation of vegetation being rejuvenated. With this comes giant trees budding their leaves. Every year as a satellite technician we new that this was a time in which our work would surge. Dishes that were installed years ago now have a large tree cutting off the signals, in some case the area got so grown in that getting signals would require removing trees(or installing on one) to get a usable signal again. For all the great technology that Starlink brings to the table the one thing they have not done is develop a signal that passes through trees any better then it’s predecessors. Trees are the nemesis of radio signals and can cause intermittent issues that leave you frustrated and puzzled. Starlink has not overcome this obstacle, at least through equipment, however through their app, both the ‘Obstruction Viewer’ and ‘Network Statistics’ ‘ you can hopefully pin point down if trees are an issue, which trees are the issue, and what you will have to do to remedy the situation.

The obstruction viewer in the app allows you to use your phone’s camera to spot out your line of sight. You can test as many locations as you want, you do not even need a Starlink system to use the app. Do this before you order Starlink to see just how well it will work from your location. I’ve gone into more detail about the ‘instruction viewer’ in another blog, so for this one we’re going to just touch on the basics but if your wanting to learn more click here.

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