Inside Michael Strahan’s journey to space l GMA


The “GMA” co-anchor called his journey on Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket “transformational” and “ a special, special journey” that he hopes “as many people as possible” can experience.

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  1. U notice no one is taking about what the reaction will be when one of this lift offs go wrong. I’m sure peoples view would change and be even more hesitant to get in these things.

  2. It's so weird no one that has gone up ever comments about the view at length and are more focused on the weightlessness of the experience, even gushing about microgravity over the fact that they're able to see the planet. Are they instructed to not discuss the view (which I would presume is the most breathtaking aspect of the trip) for marketing purposes?

  3. LOL ALL FAKE using CGI, and GREEN SREENS !! Arrest them All, Jeff Bozo, and Elon lone skum !! FRAUD

  4. Michael Strahan is so likable and relatable as a human being and now as a astronaut I hope he goes to the moon and tells us all about his experience-That would be amazing

  5. looks like they are sending a male body part into the air….so this means that basically any ol shlub can go into space with just a weeks worth of training. where as most astronauts spend their whole career in prep for just one flight… you know its like the ending of austin powers gold member when Dr. Evil goes shoots into space in a play on words of what the space craft looked like. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Where are the pics of outer space? What's the point of going to space and not showing pictures unless they just went up and came right back down which would be pointless for the amount of money it cost.

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