Insane SpaceX Starlink Pass Nov 12, 2019


Caught this pass of the Starlink satellite train from my back deck, on my Twitch livestream Nov 12 from Charlotte NC .

Elon Musk is crazy.

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  1. Imagine the starlink by a few years ahead. You raise your head up to the night sky and all You can see on it is a swarm of bright blinking satellites, and with a bit of luck a single star lurking somewhere far behind. Just can't wait

  2. I've seen them pass over recently where it took more than 20 minutes for them to all go by. Some were side by side.

  3. I just saw them by chance equidistantly flying over the Rhine Main area in Germany April 18 at 9:57 pm. Heading approx. 80°. After 15 min there were still some of them visible… wow. In zenith they became very bright because of the reflected sunlight.

  4. I have seen it in Germany, Bonn the January 22-st, 4:45 and yesterday, March, 2-nd an 5:53. Before I had remarked more "stars" than normal in the sky – and they were seen in rows, but in distance to each other. It must have been the satellites from earlier starts, lighted by the sun. Interesting – the sky is becoming "fuller". "Big brother ist watchting you?" – For more information – .

  5. I don´t know whether if the starlink satellites train or his reaction were the best of this vid ; ): I saw them last night, the fourth group and almost drop my phone haha

  6. This is causing so much havoc out in NE Colorado right now. "Drone Fleets" were flying over in December…uhh, if you check the satellite pass data, you can see that was their debut across the great plains at a pretty decent magnitude/angle above the horizon, in clear weather. Now they're all looking up and posting videos of planes and saying 'see! its a triangle drone!' and speeding after them. I can't wait until after January 6th for some more…

  7. I saw this in Australia for the first time this morning, was one of the most profoundly amazing things i have seen in my 40 years. Blew my mind.

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