INCREDIBLE! Chinese Did Not Expect This From Tesla!


Tesla is not going to give up on China. Rather instead Elon Musk’s Tesla is planning to dominate China, despite negative media coverage and massive competition from local chinese electric car manufacturer. More about this in the video!

? Elon Musk’s SpaceX Wants to Save Humanity

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Tesla has just launched a significantly cheaper version of its locally made Model Y SUVs in China amid growing concerns that negative media coverage could erode consumer sentiment towards the electric-carmaking pioneer. As per China’s Passenger Car Association data in May, wholesale shipments of China-made Tesla vehicles decreased from 33,463 to 33,155 in May. The automaker saw a surge of almost 30% from April. But it’s important to note that wholesale shipment figures may not indicate the level of retail demand that the carmaker fields directly versus traditional dealerships. The new model of the crossover, dubbed “Model Y Standard-Range Version”, now starts at 276,000 yuan ($42,600), including government subsidies. The automaker has already started taking orders for the new version of the Model Y, as indicated by its online configurator. Tesla’s new Model Y pricing in the country is about 20% less than the price of the original longer-range Model Y, which can take you up to 369 miles (about 594 kilometers) per full charge. This latest version of China-made-Model Y, which is now available in Hong Kong, but hasn’t previously been delivered in the country, can run up to 326 miles (525 kilometers). Since the car is priced at below 300,000 yuan ($46,286), it automatically qualifies for a special new-energy vehicle subsidy. The new crossover only costs 10% more than Tesla’s most-basic China-made Model 3 sedan and it’s expected to hit the streets as soon as possible – possibly in August, if there’s no delay.

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  3. Tesla's goal to do well in China will likely be hampered by the CCP. The CCP went after Tesla, Didi, and others because of their paranoia over data collection and their ability to generate money for the CCP. They will do what they did to Uber, push Uber out in favor of Didi. They will push Tesla out in order to promote Chinese made electric cars.

  4. Fools Gold. The communist government will not allow an American car company to take the China car market. No American company will be allowed to have a large market share as long as the Chines have stolen the Tech and are making the product themselves. Garbage pie in the sky report.

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