I took down Starlink


I was initially optimistic when I got my Starlink kit and set up Dishy McFlatface, but some developments have me changing my mind.

I see four problems with Starlink as it currently operates, and I’ll go through them in this video, explaining why I still subscribe, even though I don’t have my dish set up anymore.

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00:00 – Taking down Dishy McFlatface
02:06 – Coverage and preorders
04:49 – New Terminal – one step forward…
07:25 – Power hungry dish
08:45 – Mo’ sats, mo’ problems
10:20 – And yet…

  1. Regulatory issues with SpaceX's new vehicle at the Texas launch facility, tweeted tales of possible bankruptcy because of issues at the engine facility, and the sheer unlikeliness of Starship being able to deploy huge loads of satellites (and all to the same orbit?) make me doubt that the Starlink constellation will ever be complete. The launch cadence and financing for this seem poorly thought out.

    As with many of Musk's projects he seems to have started work on what could potentially be a workable project and, rather than staying focused working through the details, his attention wandered off to other things. I am disinclined to blame this on malfeasance and more likely to call it a behavioral attribute or even a symptom. I can be like that myself.

    Musk has far too many started and unfinished projects. That much is clear. Some number of them are destined to fail if their trajectory is not changed. A number of these have the potential to create legal issues or profound financial loss.

  2. the observatories are useless – we anyway not able to travel anywhere or affect what we are watching. Just pull more telescopes to orbit and use them instead of these futile one on the earth

  3. Anyone doing “professional” space watching work from the surface of earth isn’t very professional period, they should be using telescopes in space for a professional view

  4. Damn, thats a little to much power, a PC running pfsense is 35-40 watts. We are really fortnunate to have good ISP here in sweden, i have Telia with 500 downstream and 500 upstream paying only 38$ but gets 580 borh ways.

  5. Their are now at least three large communications companies that plan to deploy their own Constellations like Musk's. And they already have a fully developed service , support , and Network infrastructure. When you dig past all the "sparkles" , Elon end results have been less impressive than all the Hype. : /

  6. Wait.. why can’t you just move the hardware the 70 miles and not tell starlink about it?

  7. Your old man works for the radio station, just saying radio towers make really good places to put millimetrewave dishes for rural Internet

  8. Thanks for the video.
    Starlink is going to make our starry night so ugly.

    The amount of money spent on sending and building all this hardware, could be put into developing fiber optic solutions in the 3rd world countries instead and save humanity a lot of trouble.

  9. I’m happy I live in Belgium where in most rural areas there is gigabit or you need to pay a couple of 100 euros to connect you to the net (for very rural people)

  10. This is research and facts the world really needs.
    A huge thanks for your superb work Jeff – keep it rolling.

  11. Bigest + IMO, is from business/comperition aspect. Internet is too important to be monopolised. Starlik alternative can be very wellcoming option for an average consumer…

  12. I've been terrified of LEO constellations since I first found out about them in the '90s. Starlink is a nightmare.

  13. Common sense skeptic has a Fantastic Series βίντεο debunking the starlink project that makes no sense
    U can find this at his channel on YouTube

  14. In the last 2 years working from home connecting with many colleagues all around the world I realized that I am blessed with good affordable internet at home. Many of my colleagues mostly outside Europe have issues with their internet.

  15. If I recall, didn't Starlink already lose a satellite in an accident a while back adding to the already ever mounting pile of danger criss crossing the ever growing populated orbit? So the risk will incrementally rise as they expand. Not to mention the foray with other satellites. Wasn't the Canada Arm of the ISS damaged from debris from such incidents. If these weren't so futile a suggestive questions, I'd agree, Wall-E syndrome would not be far behind.

  16. Might be worth setting it up again to compare how it has improved in performance or even if it has improved..

  17. Friends of ours have Starlink installed at their property in the Hunter Valley near Sydney. 
    I didn't know it had hit Australia yet but apparently is has and they reckon it's great.
    They get about 150MB/S download which is plenty for everything they do and they pay about 100 bucks a month I think they said.
    Compared to what they had before (being rural, they could only get Skymuster satellite) Starlink is miles ahead on both speed and cost.

  18. Musk is not in the middle. He doesn't invent anything, he funds and buys things, and uses his image to drive investment. He's a venture capitalist, and an awful, awful human being. Recall him bragging about aiding in a violent failed coup in Bolivia. Gross af.

  19. Seems all metropolitan areas are waiting for ISP competition to come, to bring faster speeds and lower prices. But keep getting solicitation about fiber internet coming from different companies, but nothing ever comes, I feel bad for anyone who might have prepaid them for services. While rural areas are waiting for basic ISP upgrades to get them living conditions where they can do school work from home, apply for jobs, government programs, medical services, and the option to work from home productively. America has become a sad internet wasteland of broken promises for capitalistic greed.
    While cellular signal strength and speeds only gets better because Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile fight for customers WIRELESSLY. Homes are concreted to their property and hardwired to utility lines, not easily upgraded or added to by additional competition.

    Tired of the repetitive lies from AT&T bringing me fiber internet from the same 75 year old wires on the pole ⚠️🤬

    🤬 Jeff this video was depressing, should have started with a drinking game challenge!🍻🤘 I don't know what I'd do if I was living in a rural area! 😥😵‍💫☠️

  20. Your closing comments inadvertently hit the real flaw with Starlink: the business model depends on mass adoption (those satellites are NOT cheap), but the product only makes sense for developed nations' hinterlands.

  21. There is competitors who give better speed and uses only 2-3 satelites. One dowside- latency is around 50-100ms Also competition has data cap.

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