I need your help! Satellite internet for mining? Yes or no?!?


Does anyone have any experience with using Satellite internet for your mining operations? I may need to use this for my growth strategy in a literal cow farm, but if the latency is too great it may be off the table!

I am hoping to hear from someone who has actually used this type of internet before I go and invest potentially thousands of dollars and days of my time on something that won’t work!

Thanks in advance, you guys are absolutely fantastic!!

  1. Starlink is the only option but there are times with no connectivity at all, usually couple minutes a day

  2. Another reason to get Satellite internet is, not everyone will be able to find cheaper electronic rate at their living places.
    Example: New York City.
    They have internet and electricity as well, but cost for electricity is too damn high.
    So they can move their rigs to a place where electricity is cheap. If Satellite network is available then it doesn’t matter where we keep our rigs at.
    Just the electricity is enough, satellite network is future if this gets implemented!! ❤️
    100% agreed

  3. Try using a parabolic antenna and a 4g sim moderm. I live in a small village that only have 1 mbps wifi. I can get up to 130 mbps on huawei b618,but the ping is not stable when playing games like csgo. But I didn't use a parabolic antenna to get better mobile signal

  4. Fiber is the best option. The latency will be the lowest. Wifi, bluetooth, 4G, 5G and other mobile networks don't affect fiber.

  5. Risky. I would drive out to the area with hotspot and laptop. See if you can watch a video while on site. In my experience satellite service is hard to predict and not always consistent.

  6. you will get a lot of stale shares. the problem with satellite internet is the latency not the speed. starlink satellite is going to be the best since they are designing low latency sat internet. you should do a video about your thought process about why you think it's worth the risk to buy land for a mining operation when ETH POS is less than a year away. wouldn't it just be smarter to at least wait and see how other coins play out when the ETH network hash invades other coins?

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