We hacked the Space x Starlink “hopefully” get some better internet at the shop! Also i let my farmer friend John Rip my Nissan R35 GTR!

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  1. How many cars do you currently own?? Seems to be cars everywhere 😂😂

  2. Man, that farmland looks so much like Australia!
    I can generally tell if a video is Australian, American or European by the land, trees, cars. But if I didn't see a building or car I could swear that central Queensland!

  3. Bro, the genie garage door opener has been a game changer for me. It can be controlled right from your phone, so you can open or close it wherever or whenever. I'd imagine something similar should be available for your bigger doors

  4. Chick fil a ice cream instead of toy, do it every time for my kids. 😂

  5. Kinda crazy that you are getting the same views on blogs as you do on time intensive build videos.

  6. I love starlink. I had Verizon DSL and it was only 1.2 mbps. Starlink is much faster 130 to 200 mbps

  7. starlink does work for live streaming as long as there is no buildings in the road and then it goes slow but i have seen it work 20miles off shore fishing

  8. You can pretty easily build your own hoist arm adapter with some square tubing for lifting lowered light weight vehicles. The end piece is just held in with a bolt to limit the travel. Just slide the end piece out with the lifting pad and slide in your own lifting arm for lower vehicles.

  9. Yep I warned u it was gonna be slow a few videos ago. The heavier the capacity the slower they lift. You can walk away have a coffee by the time it goes from the floor to max lift. Over a minute with those heavy lift hoists.

  10. I'd just set up one lift and wait for a smaller one have one of each be a bit of a hassle putting lowered cars on that size lift..

  11. I know you're not supposed to do this but you should have mounted the box to the wall and the mail male end on the cord and the female in on the post

  12. I love your boys quotes “ pretty sure Ghandi said that” them ole loud pipes….. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. The big Three Zero! I’m gonna be 32 in July. Honestly I’m having move fun now then I did in the 20s lol. Enjoy man and cheers 🍻

  14. Gotta love this channel! Even if it’s not a car build you still get to learn something!

  15. I'm interested in how the starlink works out for you and the shop! i'm interested in it. Right now we have a WISP in the rural part of DFW area that's pretty good service but i'd like to have the starlink for when i'm somehwere new or on the road and stopped for the night

  16. Hey Trevor! I heard you say the GTR has an air bag light/code. Could you please show how to go about solving that type of problem.

    Ps, still waiting to learn about trailer brakes. 😎

    Keep up the good work!

  17. Coming from electrician. Shaun may understand what I mean. Mount 1900 box where your talking on the lift then hard wire lift into box with same s.o cord you were going to put plug on then put 240v outlet on 1900 cover with pigtails off plug. Wire nut all together. Boom you have free plug and lift on all the time. Can have welder plugged in and lift will be functional.

  18. Why are you saying you going to plug and I plug and extension cord for the lift. Just do a juntiong in the box and hat hard wires the lift but you can then also plug in your welder or what have you when needed. This way the lift is just hooked up like normal but then you have a 230 receptacle too

  19. 😂😂 If you think turning 30 on the 23rd is old just wait till you turn 45 like I am on the 24th. 30 isn’t old at all bro so just enjoy it and you have a happy birthday bro.

  20. $5 says that Dually cab squared is already in Trevor's backyard junkyard despite everyone's objections lol

  21. Loved your buddy Rhett. Seriously funny guy. Need more of him on the channel Trevor. We obviously have heaps of farmers in New Zealand. & they seem to have a great way about them. IMHO. You could also save yourself a bunch of cash & get your meat from him direct. You’ll need a big freezer!!🤙🤙🤙🤙

  22. happy birthday sir <3 loving the steady uploads <3 cant wait for starlink streams

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