I Got Starlink Satellite Internet!!! Unboxing, Initial Setup and Testing


Testing my new Starlink Internet connection from SpaceX. I am located about an hour east of Vancouver BC, and about 30 minutes from the Washington State Border.

Since this is not my primary internet connection, I plan to do a lot of testing and experiments! .

  1. I noticed your VoIP phone on the desk and curious how well VoIP works on Starlink. Obviously the low latency is great, but I'm concerned with momentary signal loss and dropping calls. I just found out Starlink is coming to my area where all I have is 2-3mbps on DSL.

  2. Saddest part is the government wants to pull their subsidy, when companies like verizon, att etc get subsidies for installing fiber, don't do it and dont face any reprocussions.

  3. Lots of invites have gone out in the past week. I'm in central PA and just got my invite today and ordered immediately. They are saying 4-6 weeks delivery. That's OK, snow too deep to mount permanently right now anyway. Goodbye 1mbs Verizon DSL.
    Thanks Elon. I think I'll celebrate and buy more Tesla stock tomorrow.

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