Huge news!!! Elon Musk reveals the NEW SECRET design of the HLS Starship


Huge news!!! Elon Musk reveals the NEW SECRET design of the HLS Starship#STARSHIPFANS

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Huge news!!! Elon Musk reveals the secret design of the HLS

SpaceX is approaching the final days of preparations for its first orbital test flight conducted by Starship. If the flight is successful, SpaceX will be one step closer to its mission to conquer the moon. Before this big event, Elon Musk also surprisedly revealed the new design to the Starship Human Landing System.

What are those new changes?
Is there anything special compared to before?
Why does SpaceX have to change when it has been successfully tested many times?

First, there is good news that NASA said the final GAO’s decision will enable the space agency and SpaceX to create a timeline for the first manned lunar landing in more than five decades. Blue Origin’s protest against NASA’s decision to not hire the company to build its next human moon lander has been officially shut down by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).
Congratulate to the SpaceX team!

Elon Musk in his most recent interview at Starbase brought the audience to the image of the HLS that the company is developing. SpaceX was awarded $2.89 billion to develop a lunar-optimized Starship to land NASA astronauts on the Moon by 2024.

In the video, we can see a lunar lander mock-up nose cone featuring the red NASA logo and a U.S.A flag. The company is working on a tight schedule to have the spacecraft ready. He also specifically emphasized that the Starship lunar lander design different from the Starship that is designed for Mars missions.

The lunar lander will not feature aerodynamic fins because the Moon does not have a thick atmosphere, nor strong gravity. SpaceX had previously published a render of the HLS Starship design that depicted a set of small thrusters at the top/mid-section of the vehicle.

However, Musk said that the HLS Starship might not need landing thrusters at the top section of the lunar Starship. “With the agreement of NASA, we could see that design evolve […],” he said. They could land on the moon with a propulsive descent powered by a Raptor – if its power is not too much to leave a hole they might decide to remove the top thrusters from the lunar Starship. Like basically, if you land with the main engine, you’re gonna dig a big ditch in the moon and then fall over. ‘Cause you landed in a ditch that you dug. It’s like literally dig your own grave. That would be obviously bad.
Huge news!!! Elon Musk reveals the NEW SECRET design of the HLS Starship
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  1. when the girl speaks if you look closely the audio doesn't perfectly fit with the video at a few moments, and the audio just sounds off, please say y'alls aren't using a bot and trying to make it seem real.

  2. Sorry? Where's the huge news? Elon said HLS may or may not have raised thrusters, and that they'll have to test it out on some moon-like regolith. Theres no new HLS news because they're focussing on getting the bloody thing to orbit. Please don't click-bait.

  3. Her diction and stage-presence has improved a great deal, but the sound quality is sub-par. The off-camera voice is near perfect. Another informative presentation as well. Much appreciated.

  4. Infinite distance and can turned into a transmitter booster so can be sent as far as they want plus put worlds most powerful telescope into one. If people not feeling happy or safe landing back in one on earth can be transferred into a dragon capsules and come back that way.. 9 starships to refuel 1. So they should put 9 rockets on mars with fuel as cargo before even going.

  5. WHAT – WHAT? Spacex is launching a "Propellant Depot"?
    Great news! They must have hired a new engineer with a brain. I have been suggesting this for a year.

    A propellant depot that can be filled either from the earth or by rail launched fuel from the Moon is the only way to keep the many flights to the moon adequately supplied.

  6. I don't understand. This show used to be SO MUCH BETTER! Now they have a main narrator who slurs his words in an effort to finish the narration before time runs out. The female commentator is obviously voice dubbed and her voice does not match her lips. Afzer the barration, the volume of the video shoots into an over pegeled disaster. I would recommend that they hire a real sound engineer to smooth out all the flaws or bring back the ai computer voice from before. At least then it was enjoyable to watch!

  7. If you don’t have a lapel mic. You can use earphones connected to a phone with a audio recording app (so you don’t have to dub). Great video. Thanks ?

  8. Cant wait see multiple feul transfers ,wonder how full cargo rentry ship will be with feul ,make sence to keep it under payload just do more transfers soon just build huge tank high up 500 miles into space keep pouring feul into this huge multy million litre tanks sections incase one ruptures …could serve as a huge structure ever built in space and can offer huge open air sections pressurised for humans to float in and train and weld and manufacture parts to build real station .

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