How to redesign a SpaceX STARLINK satellite dish for mobile use on a boat! [MV FREEDOM]





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  1. Yes. Part two please.
    Im confident that you did your homework and all worked as planned. But, lets wait and see.

  2. Jeebus! Those are better DL/UL speeds than I’ve EVER had at either of my homes on CA and OR! I’m hella jealous. 🤪

  3. Well….007 is also MacGyver too. LOL. Shawn's skills never cease to amaze me. Congrats on a Pro Install. I'll be interested to see how it works in a cove with hills or mountains on three sides. I know for a fact that the Starlink does not like trees. Nice work Captain.

  4. Sorry second question was a question about initiation. I didnt quiet understand are you meant to set up at the place you have it delivered to thanks guys keep up the great videos

  5. Hi great video, couple of questions probably had this for a few weeks now have you had any interfearance from you Radar degrading your upload and downloads. Obviously you will not use the radar along side but was intrested if it did have any affect

  6. Kudos for cutting in Four Christmases lol – that is a must watch for me over the holidays!

  7. That took a fair amount of guts to cut that open. Well done! As always, thanks for taking us along on the journey.

  8. "That's so much bigger than I imagined" —– she r e a l l y did say that ………………………………

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  11. I'm curious about how much bandwidth is lost by the lack of tipping ability, and whether rocking and heeling from waves causes the antenna issues.

  12. If Elon Musk sees this video, he's going to fire half of the design department for producing an antenna with unnecessary costly elements.
    The new design proposed by Shawn reduces the production cost of the antenna by at least 30%.

  13. Elizabeth & Shawn Another interesting project for sure ! Shawn is always very methodical in his approach to any and all projects on board MV Freedom. I have always been amazed that no matter the project, he determines how he wants to do the project and then gets it done in fine style !! Bravo Shawn as you have endured all things such as cold, heat and snow to complete your projects and Elizabeth is always there assisting with a smile on her face. Can't wait to see the install of Starlink in the upcoming video. Enjoy your weekend and be safe !

  14. Starlink is a game changer for remote areas. We get 210M in the middle of nowhere Texas. How do you think I'm watching this episode? Lol

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  16. I don’t know who need to hear this but stop relying on the government and savings. Invest some of your money if you want financial freedom

  17. Starlink needs to hire you as a maritime consultant Shawn – awesome – actually it’s incredible – 👍

  18. If Elon were smart, he'd get his team designing a marine purpose satellite dish. Of course, Shawn should get a portion of the sales profits 🙂

  19. First comment, woohoo. Staying up late in Australia to watch the Spanish F1 race but getting an MV Freedom video is a nice bonus

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