How to receive and track LoRa Satellites (TinyGS). Incl. innovative ideas for your projects


Satellites are fascinating but costly and therefore only available to governments, the military, and, recently, also billionaires like Elon Musk (SpaceX) or Jeff Bezos (Amazon).
Undiscovered for most, there is another trend: Universities and small companies can build and launch satellites. Because most of these satellites use open transmission standards, everybody can listen to them. Today we will look at a hobby project which enables us to do so. In addition, the project uses some innovative concepts, where we can learn a lot for other projects. And it shows what the Maker community can achieve if we want.
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LoRa board used CN:
LoRa board SMA CN:
Semi-Rigid Coax cable Male-Male CN:
Semi-Rigid Coax cable Female-Male CN:
Power Supply 5V/2A CN:
T-Beam 915MHz US:
How to create your own “Tasmotizer”:

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  1. This is a video a have been something I been looking for a while. Have been really interested to connect to a satellite with a microcontroller and you got all the information I need in one video. It's amazing. Gonna order a lora board and some stuff then you probably see a ground station in middle of Sweden soon!

  2. Thank you for a great video again. I was wondering about the polarization of antennas for satellite reception. Do they lose a lot of efficiency when the pointy-end of the ground plane points to the sky or does it not matter?
    I'm also a fan of the device-fingerprinting method. You should check out rdzsonde firmware for weather-sonde tracking, open-source, unlike mysonde and uses this fingerprinting as well as a great companion app.

  3. Sorry for the stupid question, do I need to setup one of these TinyGS devices or a LoRa repeater to help with the Open Source Global Satellite Network?

  4. Thank you for the excellent tutorial. So if I am in the USA which freq is most useable? Also I see that when buying the lora32 module we have to choose which freq, but the module label shows 868/915. Can they do both or is it fixed?

  5. Hi Andreas, one question. I see your arregement of antennas in your department. Does this means that in order to send/receive information from a satelite through Lora to an IoT device, i have to have such a big antenna like that one? If this is the case, the use case is very limited. Apreciate your thoughts! Patricio from Chile

  6. I need to get Amateur Radio licence here in UK – not sure where I can take it as in lockdown – I want to learn more and your videos are inspiring
    Thank you

  7. would this be good as a gps tracker ? lora messages containing GPS,Time,ID ? long range no requiring sim card . range will be no issue , receiver / satellite down link at home so send updates every 5 or so min ? i going to biuld one for home as may come in handy one day as a backup for log info so i know why my internet is down or i cant connect to my network at home

  8. Thnx for this video !!! I really enjoy watching al of your videos ( beter than Netflix but I’m bit a nerd 😉 and fan of rf and technology )

  9. First, very cool. Later this summer I may build one of these and add it to a makerspace in Wall NJ (the old Marconi Hotel, Marconi as in Marconi Radio). It's now part of InfoAge a Science & History Center.

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