how to know if starlink is available in your area using your phone


this video is for people around the world who want to know if StarLink internet is available in their area or not. using only their phone

to everyone who watched my simple tutorial videos. everything you watch is based on my own research and experience there are videos that may not match the tutorial with your devices, I am not a professional everything I know is based only on my research, expeirence and general knowledge. thank you very much for understanding

I’m using this app below to record my device screen. (not sponsored)
Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – XRecorder

I’m using this app below to create intro. (not sponsored)
Intro Maker -video intro outro

the Audio/music I use in my videos comes from. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library License
You’re free to use this audio track in any of your videos, including videos that you monetize.
No attribution is required

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