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With the Orbi WiFi System by NETGEAR, you’re ready right out of the box for high-performance, whole-home mesh WiFi. In a just few steps, you can set up your Orbi WiFi System using the Orbi App right from your mobile device.

First, download the Orbi App, available on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. Login to your NETGEAR account, or create a new one to get started. Scan the QR code on your Orbi Router, reboot your cable modem, and plug in the provided Ethernet cable and power supply to turn on the router.

Next, place your Orbi Satellite(s) throughout your home and plug them in to power them on. After a few minutes, your satellites will attempt to connect to each other. You should see a solid blue light if there’s a strong connection to the router. If you see an amber or magenta light, we recommend moving the Satellite closer to your Orbi Router.

The Orbi App will automatically connect to the pre-configured Orbi network. Once connected to the network, the Orbi App will search for your satellites.

Now, you can set up your new WiFi network. Create a personalized WiFi network name and secure password, then set up your admin login. Your Orbi WiFi System will apply these new settings, reboot, and now you’re all finished!

On the Orbi App dashboard, you’ll now see all the features your Orbi WiFi System has to offer, including advanced NETGEAR Armor cybersecurity protection, smart parental controls, device management, speed tests, and much more.

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  2. The latest Negear Orbi RBR850 system is pure trash. It's fast but constant DNS issues that have been reported for months but Netgear support does NOTHING to address it. Total disappointment.

  3. I have purchased Orbi RBK53 for a 1600sq foot+ house, will update findings in a few months time. Can Netgear confirm if when they may update this as true Mesh? Also will Netgear supply a true MESH system in the future that will have competitively priced add on satellites? This is what people want:- Affordable, True Mesh (where satellite to satellite range permits) eg incl Satellite<>Satellite comms, Reliable, Good speeds, Easy expandability eg adding Satellites, Ethernet ports, easy setup, good Apps. IF Netgear can achieve this they will corner a large part of Home networking market BUT needs to be well priced, reliable and easily & cheaply expandable.

  4. Just spent 2 hours trying to get this gear to work.. I gave up and I'm a computer tech. DREADFUL instructions. Here they show a grey cable connected to the ethernet port, but what's the other end connected to? In Australia we have NBN access points that are then connected to wifi routers. Do we connect the orbi router into another wifi/router, and if not I couldn't get the Orbi to recognise NBN coming directly from the NBN box. So, plugging the orbi back into the NBN provided wifi / router, but then which port to we plug into the Orbi router? Couldn't get it to work if I plugged from wifi router into the ethernet port of the Orbi. Could get internet if I connected one of the 4 ethernet ports on the wifi/router into the grey ethernet port of the Orbi. Then it top light remained pink and the app gave message of unstable ip addresses. Half the time the app wouldn't connect to the orbi and if it did it said no internet, when there was. I just waisted 2 hours in a client's home trying to ge this gear to work and left without charging them. I should charge NETGEAR for my wasted 2 hours. The client has been pulling their hair out for months as their internet has been totally unreliable through the Orbi system. She told me she's reset and reconnected the system numerous times… GREAT GEAR…NOT… it should be called NOTGEAR…

  5. Excellent-EASY installation, covers my large two level house of double brick and concrete slabs construction and front and back gardens. I think people who are not happy perhaps are installing incorrectly. I was lucky to get 2Mbps about ten metres from modem before now with Orbi connected to NBN I’m getting close to 100,all over the house.

  6. This is the worst bit of kit I've ever bought. I followed all the instructions to the letter and was informed by the app that the Ethernet cable was not plugged in when it clearly was. I called out my broadband engineer thinking it was my error only to be informed that the system is defective. PC world gave me a full refund but it was a very frustrating 24h. I guess it will be sent back to China now. Maybe it is a good piece of kit if you can get it working but my advice is save yourself the stress.

  7. Are Questions answered here because I asked at the store for something similar but do the same thing as Shaw bluecurve pods that connect straight to my owned modem but I open it up to find I comes with its own modem now I’m scared I may have just threw away $230

  8. If you're having issues, try wiring the satellites. Also make sure you're using channels that are not already drenches with signals. At the end, all the same tricks you need to apply with every other wireless network.

  9. The app doesn’t allow me to set the router up as an access point. Almost every ISP comes with a default router so this is rubbish.
    The router does not allow me to log in via any browser or device, connected wirelessly or wired, all browsers and via multiple devices. This is one day old.
    Support can only advise to reset it and then have to reinstall all my settings. This clearly will do nothing.
    Shame the product misses basic functionality at this high performance / high price bracket.
    If you want advice about adding devices, forget it. I cannot buy an extra satelliet anywhere, anyway. Feels like throwing good money after bad, as I should be able to set it as an access point. I see people over a year ago posting the same complaint. Wish I had read those before buying.

  10. My satellite won't stay blue it keeps cutting off is it supposed to stay on and blue the whole time. The router and satellite are dern near touching and my home is only 1700 square feet and the range to the back rooms keeps buffering. I took one Orbi set back I'm about to take this other one back if this satellite doesn't connect please help. I'm trying to give it a chance. Router RBR40, Satellite RBW30. HELP ME.

  11. Just finished my setup today with RBK20, and I have to say this is definitely a false advertising. My current set is Asus RT68 + NETGEAR R6300v2 and the WiFi range goes out of the garden to the street. Not to mention that even on the edge of the WiFi range, I’m still able to browse YouTube without evening trying. The reason for my attempt at Orbi is because when I transit between the 2 routers (same SSID and password) there’s always a bit of fight between the 2 WiFi connections. It doesn’t hurt me in any way, just a bit annoying. I was hoping that Orbi would fix this problem because of its Mesh connection between the router and satellite. The truth reveals that this Orbi piece of junk has far less range for WiFi and the setup process is amazingly counter productive. I followed this exact YouTube guide and the app on my iPhone, but there’s nothing like the video. First I had to try to purposely fail the first attempt because my fibre connection is based on PPPOE dial up and there’s nowhere in the instruction manual that indicates how an user will be able to configure that option without waiting for the first failure. Then it’s the satellite setup. When the app says there’s no satellite found, but my satellite is literately next to the router with a blue light. After resetting the connection between the router and satellite, now the app says it found 1 satellite, but the actual satellite lights up with purple (I haven’t moved any of them to new locations). So basically the satellite is useless. Thirdly I tried WiFi range with just the router. It’s more than a disappointment. When I walked out of my study (where router is) the signal immediately dropped to -40dbm (WiFi analyzer in Orbi app). And when I walked to my bedroom where originally the only spot in the entire house that my WiFi wasn’t in full signal, now it’s barely connected at -92dbm. The actual description is 25% @ 30Mbps (my actual line is 200Mbps). After 3 hours of resetting and connecting, I finally got my satellite to work with the router and WiFi seems to be stabilized, the outer range is barely reaching my garden (where it was still full when I’m at the putter edge of my garden). So to conclude, this mew Mesh connection is utterly bullsht, at least from NETGEAR. The initial configuration is very misleading with no explanation. It just asks the user to wait. The range of the WiFi is also very disappointing where a $60 router would perform better than the router + satellite combo. I’d definitely advise everyone to steer away from this product, at least until further upgrades on more mature technologies. I have already lodged for a return and refund. The reason is falsely advertising. Feel free to ask me anything in particular regarding the setup steps, as I believe I’m on my road to become an Orbi engineer just by configuring this piece of junk.

  12. I think this is absolute rubbish, I installed it then it works for half an hour after that it is a disaster

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