How SpaceX's Starship Will Destroy Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos


How SpaceX’s Starship Will Destroy Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos

We’ll look at the latest battle between Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin and Elon Musk’s SpaceX. It’s a fight that makes the front pages of newspapers all around the world. The feud between these two millionaires dates back over a decade. That’s a long time. What’s fascinating about this is that Elon musk always comes out on top whenever the two men compete. He crushed Jeff Bezos on every level, from concepts to ground-based rocket development and the race to the moon. The two companies have a lot in common: they both want to use reusable rockets to lower the cost of access to space, have affluent founders who came out of Silicon Valley and have staff who have switched from one company to another. But what was the two millionaires’ past friendship like? In the past, Musk and Bezos were friendly rivals in space. Neither SpaceX nor Blue Origin were established companies, and neither had ever launched anything into space. In truth, neither organization had a functioning rocket at the time, but many years later, SpaceX launched its first successful test launch of a Falcon One. At the same time, Blue Origin flew a few low-altitude test vehicles. For nearly a decade, they mostly stayed out of each other’s way, but by twenty-thirteen, it was evident that their relationship had soured.

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