How SpaceX Will PROFIT From Mars


How SpaceX Will Profit From Mars.
For years now, the whole science world has been thrown into a debate on the possibility of an occupation of Mars, while Elon Musk has done nothing but reaffirm his commitment to its possibility, ceaselessly stating his desire to colonize the red planet. In this video, I will walk you through the plans of the SpaceX founder to profit from Mars.

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  1. I can't imagine wealthy people moving to Mars, not if they want to live forever. maybe the Moon. The issue is they would be taken away from the sources of wealth and power to which Speed is critically important. Until markets are more dispersed throughout the system, the Rich will not part from their Dealer.

  2. Nuke Mars, Profit from Mars ? Are you on acid man ? The whole "going to Mars" is snake oil man. Why would you go to mars when life will never be sustainable ? Its only been a year with Covid, you think anyone's gonna want to be in lockdown waiting for the next rescue ship. You got good drugs man !

  3. Ticket $200,000
    Trip duration – 21 months
    Pre-trip training – extra
    Air – extra
    Food – extra
    On-board bed – extra
    Excursion to Mars – extra
    Space suit – extra
    Entertainment – extra
    Boarding on Mars – extra
    All other services – extra
    Boredom after the initial excitement – guaranteed…

  4. Without simulated 1G gravity humans will not be able to travel to Mars without grave consequences. Robot explorers/miners only until the technology exists.

  5. The search for spices in another world continues. Find spice. Name the region "Kessel". Open up the spice mines. The abundance of rare resources will be very profitable / useful.
    I would predict production efficiency to be increased in a lower-gravity environment – provided this were not offset by other challenges.
    I would caution – that in my research, I've found radiation exposure seems to be a primary cause of aging (also poor RoS resilience). Maybe better off to live in a dry cave or use plenty of sunblock and sunglasses and take D supplements – and get plenty of exercise (especially HIIT). I'd also be interested to see what the total velocity factor would be for elements on earth vs on Mars. If those internal parts are undergoing more velocity or velocity change (both interrupt matter's ability to function because it's forced to travel longer paths per cycle), then I''d expect the one with the bigger scaling factor to be more delayed. In other words if your little pieces are moving less distance / material-function-cycle, then time would seem to an outsider to be going faster and vice versa. Not that it would have any noticeable perceivable difference on any short-term scale ( and never a perceivable distance to the subject because their brain speed matches too … obviously… ;p ) I just mean that depending on the difference, a person living in a higher velocity/accel environment will perceive their life to be the same length(not deviated by that factor) but on earth it could be a few years more or a few years less because of difference of material function.

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