How slow is the Starlink RV plan in a Waitlist area? | Is the Starlink RV plan worth it?


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  1. Thanks for this video. It was extremely helpful. We were camping at Jetty Park last week and the campers next to us had the Starlink and let us share his signal. It worked great for steaming a movie and for our phones. I did notice he had to position the dish near the road in order to avoid the trees and it almost got ran over once. I think we’ll wait a bit before getting it for RVing. We are really pleased with our Spectrum home internet. Thanks again for the information. Love your Krazy videos.

  2. I’m so frustrated with campground Wi-Fi and I purchased Starlink while still on our last camping trip. It arrives tomorrow and I can’t wait to check it out. Spoke to 3 couple who were using Star Link on the campground we were at in Idaho and they all love the service.

  3. Thanks for the video. Very helpful. I placed a deposit for the home versions but no delivery until 2023. The speeds you are getting have convinced me to get the RV version now. It will replace unlimited 4G. Price is a bit more but I use it to work when we travel so I don't mind and I only need 20mbps minimum. Sure I'll have to worry about sky visibility but I won't have to worry about 4G coverage in the remote areas we travel to. With that long cable I think the sky issues will be a lot less hassle than 4G coverage.

  4. Bought Starlink RV the week it was offered as I have been waiting for home Starlink for over a year (was planning to use it when RVing)- we take our dish everywhere even when not taking RV out- great reception in Big Bear CA and Encinitas CA places I have minimal cell reception- and I must add at either location do I have a full unobstructed sky view and it works flawlessly! Despite getting notifications that we will experience interruption every 9 minutes- didn’t happen or atleast wasn’t noticed- we used atleast 6 different devices on the network streamed Disney +, you tube of course and even was able to watch our spectrum cable tv via app streaming- my only complaint is the lugging the large dish, router and wires around-

  5. Other full timer reviews have found it to be more of a backup service where cell isn't available, plus it is still a line of site service and most camp grounds have a lot of trees which can be an issue.

  6. Oh I was hoping for the inflatable kayak review. I'm glad to see this, I have been thinking of getting the t mobile for 50 a month for internet. I can't afford starlink.

  7. I live in a small section of the county that doesn't offer cable for internet and too many trees for satellite. Thought maybe this would be an option. Thanks for your review! Now I know it won't work for me.

  8. Are you guys still using Travel Data? If so is that working out? I bought the travel Data and it’s been hit and miss.

  9. Starlink sounds like something from terminator. Definitely not Star Trek. Gotta up your nerd on, Rae! Lol

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