How Fast Is The New STARLINK Satellite Internet?


How fast is the latest generation starlink? Wranglerstar Professional Homeowner.

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  1. I’m glad you’re able to get some decent internet, it makes a world of difference and most people won’t appreciate how frustrating slow / unreliable internet can be. I went from 6 mbps DSL to gigabit fiber and am continually blown away with the speed.

  2. Does the part that you put outside need to go outside or can you have it inside your home?

  3. Thank you a lot! If it is true how I see using Speedtest, here are my results: Download speed: Starlink (160 mbps) vs SBB (Serbian Broad Brand) (483 mbps); Upload speed: Starlink (6.47 mbps) vs SBB (48.9 mbps). Price: Starlink $100 vs SBB $50 monthly… To be honest, I expected at least 1 gbps, not just 160 mbps… Disappointed 🙁

  4. I only live 30min from downtown Houston, 4th largest city in America. Out on some land and out of city limits but surprisingly enough only had satellite as an option. I’ve been using starlink for about 8 months now and it’s life changing when you have no other options. Potential to be world changing.

  5. Mr. Wranglerstar, we received this same Gen2 a few months ago. I did the same thing as you, touching the router to turn it on! We haven’t had any problems so far. It is portable, I received an email from StarLink that said for an additional $25 per month we could use it anywhere the satellites are available. I do believe it has an internal heating element on the dish. I made a video when I installed mine (a snow storm the next day) and you can see the ice hanging off the bottom of it!!!!

  6. The Australian government spent untold amounts of taxpayer money on what is called the National Broadband Network NBN. It’s a scheme famously drawn up by a politician on the back of a beer coaster. The NBN boss and top managers have some of the biggest salaries in Australia. Many NBN customers are dissatisfied with their connection. So hopefully alternatives like this will keep getting better.

  7. Wow! Yacht owners paying a million plus a year are really the big winners, but for everyone lucky enough to be living out in the sticks this is a game changer. Some of us have had to choose where to live because of internet speed/availability. These speeds are almost comparable to ours, & supposedly we have some of the fastest internet in the country. We run four computers at one, a couple gaming, a couple zooming with no problems at those speeds (usually). Looks like the future is really here. Cool.

  8. Ordered an RV and Home edition as I wasn’t sure if the home edition would come in since my preorder was canceled a while back. They both are the same for the dish and router only difference is that the RV one finds gps location before it will connect in the app. Seem to get identical speeds the RV one does have a warning that it could be deprioritized service.

  9. Just got ours in MN… According to the app you use before setting up the dish we only get "decent" signal at the 30 ft peak of our roof.

    The dish has to be situated equal to or above any parallel obstruction to get the best signal.

    Decent connectivity is apparently okay for streaming when there is buffering but if you lose signal at all you will drop non-buffering services such as a zoom call.

    I'll be spending about $800 more to get a 50 ft Tower onto which I will Mount the dish.

  10. Pretty slick ! Especially if it’s portable for off grid over landing applications

  11. pretty good for being wireless. still want to see an improvement in the upload speed before i would consider it a "solution" for people who depend on it for work.

    its rater sad so many countries have failed to invest in fiber networks now when everyone is so dependent on stable internet (only real solution for people who work online)

  12. Those data speeds are certainly much faster than my U.S. Robotics modem provides.

  13. From the U.S. to Ukraine – Delivering internet and speeds we all deserve.

  14. Just incase it helps, as your channel has definitely helped me over the years: You dont need to run a cable between the house and shop to get internet out there. You can get something like Ubiquiti litebeam antennas and setup a point to point link, its what I did for my shop. Getting about 450+mbps across it which is way more than enough to utilize all your Starkink bandwidth. im bridging about a 60yrd distance and heavy snow, rain, etc has been no issue at all

  15. That's good news. I've been waiting for it to be available in my area.

  16. We love ours for the camper, kinda odd that forty miles from home they say it won't work at our house yet. Took 18 days once it was ordered. Thank you for the review.
    Any videos on welding stainless yet?

  17. I personally have a question. How homesteaders earn money? Did you already have money?

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