How FAST is Elon Musk’s StarLink Internet?


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  1. Back in my home i had an internet that runs 800kbps. Getting double digit mb would be so much appreciated

  2. I have viasat (living in a hunting lodge during covid no joke) and I'd be happy for 2-5mbs/sec. I just signed up for starlink for 99$ up front with it coming here mid-late 2021. Not sure if I'll be here still then or not, but even if it doesn't happen for me I like to support the effort. Of course I could also just move somewhere else lol, but free rent here. How about RVs? Could you have a setup where you get starlink when parked???? If so I'm buying an RV.

  3. We're already living in Kenya. Going to restaurants and eevrything. Living the life. Bring StarLink here! I really need it. I have 10mbps down and 1mbps upload speed?

  4. my internet is so slow can't download while watching this video DADDY ELON the rural AREAS need you!

  5. My family with are neighbor and the farm and my grandma and grandpa share 25mbs and were/just my family are going to be switching to elon musk WIFI soon 🙂

  6. Is starlink affected by the weather that's the number one question I'm asking heavy snow and heavy rainfall that's what my internet is affected by 20 megabytes per second internet in my area that goes down to one or maybe 4 megabytes per second download when there is heavy rainfall or snow outside or wind

  7. We’re talking high apparent speeds… but will it be enough for gaming since it will be satellite internet?

  8. Bruh I’m having to use fixed wireless and only get 10 download and 1 upload max. I honestly think Elon Musk is a mixture of Jesus and Tony Stark.

  9. "You could buy a house like you're a boomer"

    No other phrase has ever captured the current economic reality for young people as good as this one.

  10. I dont trust elon with his philanthropic visions of free internet. I remember him talking about his electric charger network being available for other cars and now he wont even allow supercharger for his salvaged cars.
    Dude is a lying douche and Im tired od people trusting him for this crap. He isnt that great except for Wallstreetbets

  11. 20 mb down and 12 mb up. Im not in the middle of nowhere im just outside the city limits of houston and these speeds arent too bad

  12. My dad lives waaaay out in the country. He's lucky to get 1.5 Mb/s. The U.S. rural internet is a joke and hopefully Starlink helps to alleviate or eliminate the problem.

  13. Well for like $90/month I get 40mbps down and 10 up lol (in southern ontario half way between Hamilton and Niagara Falls)

  14. This isn't anything for people who have access to fiber, but I would KILL to have 30Mbps, the absolute best available to me is 5/1Mbps (DSL) max (usually its 4.5Mbps down and 0.6Mbps up) with an absolute best case latency around 45ms. This is game changing to people like me.

  15. Gawd, North Americans are spoilt. In Australia, we have first world conditions, but our internet is usually around 1 mbps or less, more if you're in a really good spot. I was watching a documentary on poverty stricken parts of the US and they said, "some of these people only have 10 mbps connections" and I burst out laughing!

  16. I have 3mbs download and rarely actually reach that. I live in a big city and it’s been like this for 5 years. No one can get data to us. I would love just to get 25mbs

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