How Elon Musk Will Build A Self-Sustaining City On Mars


How Elon Musk Will Build A Self-Sustaining City On Mars (SpaceX, Tesla, Solar City, Boring Company, Starlink…).
Elon Musk plans to ensure life on Mars by first terraforming and then populating it. To however terraform and populate a planet, a few solutions need to be in place, including transportation, local energy, raw materials, and communications. It is therefore important for the actualization of this plan to have many companies that can work together to provide resources for a common goal. With the eccentric Elon Musk slowly building an ecosystem of such companies, it makes that plan even easier.

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  1. These are products of their own imaginations. Science fiction! How can a human being survived on Mars if there is no enough oxygen and no air to breath on that planet? There is no other perfect planet than planet earth. Period!

  2. Thats great instead of fixing all the damage done to our beautiful planet earth the rich would rather make attempt to destroy another planet but im not too worried about all this science fiction nonsense that will never happen its just there mind set or way of thinking they could move on to another planet and terraform it when we cant even regrow our forest that we are destroying here on earth.

  3. Why will i go on mars theres no source of food and other things that people wants/need. Before you think another planet you should think our own planet which is earth. We need to become as one to make our earth more greener, No pollution, Stop the killings, No corruption all we need is to make our earth even better

  4. Total human race stupidity! Our brothers are suffering all over the world, nations owe you billions of dollars! In stead of making what we already have a better place for everyone, you are busy dumping a lot of profits earned from the struggling nations effort trying to pay your debt into a total bullshit mission!!

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    S urvive on your surface.

    And Mars replied me in this way

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    S ure in reality.

  6. Most people remain poor & broke only because friends and family relatives discourage and advice them against investing in bitcoin and forex trading while the wise ones keep investing and growing higher in wealth.

  7. You know, I get this as a "passion". However, I keep asking myself.. why? What's wrong with earth? Earth has so much space to develop more.. why try to build something under such terrain? Why? What's the benefit?

  8. And if you actually think your in the club that's going to live there . Your probably one of the people wearing a mask sitting in their own house.

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