How Elon Musk Starlink Will be used as a GPS, and more than simply being a satellite internet?


Researchers use Starlink satellites to pinpoint location, similar to GPS

Disruptor, Game-changer, Innovator. These words are synonymous with Elon Musk. What else should you call the man who created PayPal, SpaceX, and Tesla?
Today SpaceX’s Starlink may look to be an outstanding satellite internet provider with a simple but admirable objective, but as we’ve come to expect from Elon Musk, there’s considerably more potential than what’s been shown thus far.
While Starlink, SpaceX’s private sector satellite constellation, is currently in beta mode, serving internet wirelessly to 17 countries around the world, there is a lot more than Starlink can do, including GPS NAVIGATION navigation and high-speed internet tests, as well as speculations of global cellular services communication capabilities, environmental data collection interconnectivity, and more.
There’s still a lot of extravagant potential in Starlink, so here’s how it can do more than simply being a satellite internet.
The Global Positioning System (GPS), formerly known as Navstar GPS, is a satellite-based radio navigation system owned by the United States Space Force.

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