How Blue Origin & other competitors benefit from SpaceX's Raptor crisis facing bankruptcy


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How Blue Origin & other competitors benefit from SpaceX’s Raptor crisis facing bankruptcy

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How will SpaceX’s competitors benefit when the company is at risk of bankruptcy due to the Raptor production crisis?

Information that SpaceX is in danger of bankruptcy due to the Raptor production crisis has flooded the newspapers for several days.
And as you see, many people have analyzed its impact on Elon Musk’s space company.
But have you ever wondered how SpaceX’s competitors will benefit from this?
Let’s find out more in today’s episode of Great SpaceX!

First of all, let’s start at the beginning with SpaceX’s one-on-one rival – Blue Origin.
Perhaps the happiest person right now is Jeff Bezos because the company of Elon Musk, whom he considers his biggest rival in life, is “in danger of bankruptcy”.
The two richest men in the world both encroached on space.
How Blue Origin & other competitors benefit from SpaceX’s Raptor crisis facing bankruptcy
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  1. Other companies cant benefit for this when there not in competition cause they have zero to none rocket engines of their own.

  2. we will all be long dead before bezos sends anyone to Mars. The guy has all these billions and yet hasn’t even reached orbit. Yet he has been in this space race for just as long as Elon and probably is more liquid than Elon ( cuz, ya know…Amazon). Anyways, if spacex actually does go bust, that’s pretty much the end of my interest in space.

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  5. The Space Launch System is a program to launder money from public debt into profits for the US industrial military complex.
    ULS contract are designed to optimize profit in case of delays and cost overruns. If W. v. Braun would have had these types of contracrs, partners and controlling the US would most certainly lost the grave to the moon to Russia.
    And now the new antagonist is China. If China would have the funding of NASA, they would have finished a space base on a Jovian moon by now. Or in other words, if the ULS managers would be working on the Chinese space program they would have most likely been executed for total incompetence.

  6. With the problems with the raptor engine, does that mean SpaceX would not have launched starship into orbit this year if the FAA had not been blocking them?

  7. does it really make any difference? if we do not have the technology to fix our own planet we have no hope of terraforming mars.

  8. This is nothing more than propaganda tripe created by Jeffery the bald headed jackass, as an attack on Elon Musk as a person! Elon has always been upfront and honest about his money & what it has cost him personally and financially. He has admitted that when he started Tesla & Space X, he had to borrow from his friends, in fear of losing everything & filing bankruptcy. But, his friends came through for him, and has paid them all back with a 50% increase of their investment.$150,000,000 for a $100,000,000 investment is nothing to sneeze at!

  9. This goofy narrator is a bit little overdramatic SpaceX is not facing any bankruptcy this is just a motivate his employees to get things straightened out with raptor production thanks to a few managers that appear to be incompetent for whatever reason and not completely honest which questions whether they are using drugs or not which is now very common in the work world for some reason

  10. Holy shit am I ever going to stop watching this channel.
    How can you possibly say that blue origin is SpaceX one-on-one competitor that is an absolute joke. This channel has become a joke you focus on Petty trivial information.
    Get your shit together you bunch of clickbait sponges.

  11. how can richest man on planet have his company bankrupted ?? i dont understand how is it jeff bezos is keeping BO afloat with his pocket money and elon cant ? why?

  12. But they are not actually laughing, competitors in space launch admire SpaceX, especially when they tackle impossible challenges, and draw inspiration from them even as they try to compete.

  13. Context needed before jumping to conclusions. Elon was trying to motivate not predicting the future.

  14. Why is is that when you speak of NASA, you show Jim Bridenstine, Trump's NASA head instead of Biden's NASA head? This is supposed to be a space news web site, so it seem that you should keep up with who's who in the space world?
    Now you are showing Pence when speaking of the US government! Pence is not of the US government! Since it appears that you are pushing the Trump administration, it should be made clear that it was not the Trump administration that started and funded the private enterprise in the space program but the Obama administration, but you keep showing the Trump administration!! The Trump, administration spent most of it's time assaulting and insulting the US and hyping Russia and encouraging a treasonous take over of the US!
    This is the last straw, you do it all the time, I'm unsubscribing!

  15. Funny how SLS can not launch it does not work, and Starship wants to launch now, but they will not let them!

    Where again are these delays coming from?

  16. There is no way that Blue Origin is a competitor of SpaceX, except in Bezos mind and that of the press so they can hype it up and in law suits against SpaceX, because Blue Origin is NOT competing with SpaceX, because that race was lost years ago, but with Virgin Galactic, that is the real competitor in suborbital tourist space flights!
    Even Rocket Lab is ahead of Blue Origin, but Blue Origin is ahead of all the others when it comes to frivolous law suites to disrupt SpaceX!

  17. Its absolutely ridiculous all the policies that they have to go through and how ridiculously slow the government will approve them

  18. So, are these only production issues, or hardware issues? They obviously can produce the engine, but only in low volume. While low volume is a problem and does cripple plans, it can be overcome.
    SpaceX will not go away and bankruptcy does not mean the company goes away. At worst they would be restructured and brought public.

  19. You are beating a dead horse. Enough about SpaceX bankrupting. Or are you just into collecting likes? Let it go already and move on to something else. Nobody gives a crap about who benefits if SpaceX falls it's like you're celebrating thenm possibly failing. Let it go

  20. I visited the space and rocket center in Huntsville, Al. On my way back from Starbase. Was unsurprised, but disappointed. Plenty of mentions and exhibits for ULA. Even a Starliner exhibit, but not one single mention of Spacex. I wore my F-9 shirt proudly.

  21. It appears they need better metal alloys, but that is just speculation. I think subsidizing the richest men in the world should be done very sparingly. Amazon was built on subsidies let's not forget that. As was Tesla. And the entire space industry for that matter, the bloat in the defense industry is another level of insane.

  22. Good morning SpaceX, just wanted you guys to know, I am praying you guys to solve this problem on the raptor engines. SpaceX is the best aerospace company in the world and we need you guys to get this problem solved soon. This is all new technology and these things take time. Don’t worry about B.O., they are still far behind you. Elon is the smartest man in the world, and SpaceX has the smartest people on earth. I have faith in all you guys there. I use to work in this industry and all of this is not easy. SpaceX StarShip you rock. God bless all of you there. I am praying for all of you there that StarShip will fly soon, and be a total success. Go SpaceX StarShip ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  23. The situation is not even close to the same… Raptors are rapidly being built, tested and flown… no BE-4 has left the ground. Blue Origin remains mired in failure and hubris. New Glenn is not a good choice to replace Starship. Using Starship as a disposable rocket system would still stomp Blue Origin's New Glenn… and will be ready to fly in a month or so.

  24. this is what bezus was up to by trying to block NASA funding and slowing down permission for the sat launches by spacex..also the man and his cronies getting the FAA to slow things down,
    if you cant beat them..cause a cash flow problem/ you didnt think jeff was giving up did you ??? he could not give a dam about the human race getting to the planets..just as long as he can get his snout in the trough.

  25. I don’t think Blue Who will benefit from SpaceX tanking. With space gone, public interest in space exploration will plummet and so will public funding.

  26. My thought: SpaceX doesnt need a stimulus. Its just a production issue. They are not facing a financial issues.
    I dont know to what extend the issue reaches but logically thinking.
    Issue n.1: Management
    Issue n.2: Work flow
    Issue n.3: Shortage
    Issue n.4: Morale
    Issue n.5: Connections
    Issue n.6: FFA
    Issue n.7: deez nutz
    Issue n.8: Production cost??
    If the issue aroused from a leaving employee, this can only affect the speed of the production or in unthinkable case, the development progress.
    Elon Musk saying SpaceX could face a bankruptcy means, the goals would not be reached in time. Not that it would make things impossible.

  27. Mr. Musk and his SpaceX will not be going bankrupt any time soon. Blue Origin is going to remembered as “ An also Ran” no where near the real deal, he is mostly interested in space tourism. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  28. This is a joke, right? Blue Orgin Orangin orange ahh whatever it's called a competitor? as for Elon and bankruptcy, he is in the process of selling billions of $ worth of shares he will end up with about 20 billion in cash I expect he has plans for it, probably gonna buy a load of machines that will build a load of engines so he can blow a load of them up right up until the universe says OK stop it works then he will bugger of t Mars LOL

  29. @ElonMusk Why Couldn't the "Thrust Puck" assembly be redesigned as an integrated One Piece Ring ( With all the necessary plumbing, valves, etc. internalized Like a Engine Block for a Vehicle… Only thing manufactured separate technically would be the Raptor Engines for Gimble, the Turbines required to increase flow in the main Block and the Nozzles to be attached to the Main Housing ??? Printed as a whole one piece unit housed below tank infrastructure… Know what I mean? Less parts/less time in the long run after initial perception and prototype…

  30. China has come a long way in catching the US. It is time for the US to be wary of China. I don't want to see they overpass! It's terrible! 😥

  31. I personally hope Musk's BF Rocket works ! … But his hurtles are monumentous , which brings doubt and skepticism as to whether he is FOS or his Engineers are geniuses … So when his heat tiles keep falling off , it shows you how many small but significant challenges he is still facing and must Overcome …. We will find out soon enough when he Fires 29 Raptors for the First time ! … What do you Think ? … Does he have a Winner or a Spruce Goose ? …….

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