How a Few Undersea Cables Connect the Entire Internet

Thanks for checking out MindRx! This video explores the undersea infrastructure that powers the world wide web. The world is an amazing place that offers so much to explore. Join us as for your weekly dose of brain medicine as we dive into an array of interesting topics in the areas of Engineering, Science, and Technology.

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Animations courtesy of Vincent de Langen

  1. I've always thought the Internet is transferred via satellites. Why cables are used when satellites exist? Satellites have low capacity? Data could be lost during bad weather? Anything else maybe?

  2. so the internet engineers and their secret partners are actually the enemy ??? and the day will come when they will attack these and paralyze the world and then attack and take over the countries they desire to dominate. trusting this system without alternative communication is going to be like pearl harbour …..were under attack !! ………mainland military base uhh no your not…….that didn't end well . this has to be the biggest target for ones who seek to wage war on another country. its like this whole thing is based on trust …internet ,data security and on and on . famous last words…… trust me………? big mistake like trusting the car your approaching see's you …..then it turns right in front of you and its over.

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