History made with Blue Origin Space Launch


“Star Trek” star William Shatner and three other civilian crewmembers were launched into space and returned to Earth after a 10-minute trip.

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  1. Mission elapsed time: 10 min 17 sec; I know rocket science is rocket science….they survived and had a neat experience for 10 minutes. I’m proud to see companies getting involved but this felt like amateur time. They’ll mature…I hope.

  2. This is interesting, but please remember that we won't be qualified to call ourselves "civilized" until everyone, everywhere is guaranteed their basic needs (food, shelter, healthcare & education). No distance traveled can ever take us away from the fact that 25,000 + of our fellow human beings die of hunger every single day, while tons of food (and birth control) sits rotting in warehouses all over the world. We should get our act together here on Earth first and foremost, and make the most of our beautiful Earth, before even thinking of expanding to other planets. We have so much to be grateful for, and so much that needs to be straightened out! Just too bad for the millions who are hungry – we have more important things to do like = the horrific reality. It speaks a lot about the lack of good world leadership. The blind lead the blind!

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  5. Why didn't they show the crew while they were in flight? >< I would have loved to see William Shatner's O-Shit face! lol

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  7. It’s so refreshing that we have Female commentators just so we can prove once again that Females are actually capable of understanding all of this.

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