He Crashed Into A Space Ship With $500


It costs about $250k to a few million dollars for a civilian like you and I
to make it into space. To fly there with companies like NASA, SpaceX or Blue Origin but this guy Victor Correa Hespanha crashed his way into space for only $500 and no he is not an astronaut.

Victor Hespanha is the second Brazilian to ever go to space he flew there with Jeff Bezos company Blue Origin, on its new shepherd 21 mission nx 21 which was launched on June 4th 2022 and immediately became a Brazilian undisputed legend. There are millions of people who would like to fly to space and experience zero gravity and see the curvature of the Earth but can’t really afford it. The majority of the world has never even been on an airplane let alone on a spaceship, how the hell did he do it with $500 dollars??


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  1. To whoever reading this , never stop chasing your dreams you can do it . Keep pressing and thriving you will make it ! Consistency is the key to achieve your goals

  2. Sadly this economic crisis means more inflation and more inflation affects the banking system. My condolences to anyone retiring this year..

  3. Why going to space? To see earth is not flat and with luck to stop having people think it is flat? xD

  4. Another 🖕 successful transaction done Thank for the 10,000 Usdt again✔️.

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