Have We Turned the Corner?! My November Starlink Report

Check out my views on the recently announced Starlink data caps, and the massive change in performance this month! (BTW …

  1. I'm on track for about 300 GB this month. I was over 1 TB last month so I turned off 4K streaming and gaming updates during the day. I have 4 computers and 2 phones that are pretty active on my network and that do regular software updates. I think this part of it adds up.

  2. We stream but very very rarely at 4k so this change is unlikely to affect us, our usage seems to be similar to your own. My only BIG downloads are Windows updates, I really wish I could find a way to restrict those to overnight but so far I cannot.

  3. I feel your service, being a low data user, may have improved because my service, a high data user, has severely deteriorated. Meaning, I suspect I am already being throttled this month.

    I live in a rural area that had terrible line of site internet as the only option. (A dish on my roof pointing at a tower.) Starlink was a godsend when I got it. In the past year it got slower and slower. Then the price went up and it got slower. Then it sped up for a while. Then it got slower and slower. Then I got the email that informed me of data caps and throttling starting in December for those that surpassed 1TB. Then it got slower.

    I’m a retired old fart with health issues preventing me from doing a lot of physical things so I stream a LOT of TV. After getting the dreaded throttle email I made sure all my services were streaming at the lowest resolution possible, but too little too late. Earlier this month I was getting typical speeds of 150Mbps to over 200Mbps with around 75Mbps at peak times. Oddly enough, after I hit 1TB THIS month my speeds took a nose dive. Coincidence? Throttling isn’t supposed to start until next month. I’ve never had an issue streaming programs to my TV. When my television suddenly starting doing a lot of buffering I checked and found that my Starlink data had just passed 1TB. Very suspicious. I’ve gotten speeds as slow as 4.7Mbps. Starlink insists I’m not being throttled, that it’s due to congestion and it will improve as they expand their network. They didn’t address the fact that I didn’t start having issues until AFTER I passed the 1TB threshold. Now I’m supposed to pay $110 a month for this garbage for the next year or so while they “expand their network”? What’s going to happen when I AM throttled. I told Starlink that if this doesn’t improve I’m leaving. They pretty much told me, “So long and thanks for all the fish.” Believe it or not, the buffering got even worse after my complaint to Starlink. At first I was only having issues in the late evening. Now it’s all day. Another coincidence I'm sure.

    Well, T-Mobile 5G recently became available in my area. Less than half the cost of Starlink, free equipment, free two week trial, speeds comparable to what Starlink is supposed to be providing, no data caps, no throttling and more stable than Starlink in bad weather. Advertised speeds are about 35 to 180Mbps. I’m dumping Starlink and going with the 5G. I doubt I'll get 182Mbps, but If I get just a third of what’s advertised I’ll be in seventh heaven.

    Interesting fact: Starlink speeds in the continental U.S. are about half of what they are in the rest of the Starlink world. Check starlinkstatus (dot) com. (YouTube won't allow an actual link.)

  4. We're on the RV plan and haven't noticed any real improvement during peak hours, we are not prioritized during those hours. Our average usage, for a tech heavy family of four is about 350GB.

  5. Seasonal user here (cottager). My 2 cents, the data cap is due to the family sharing, marinas and trailer park customers who are using tons of bandwith and wrecking the party for the rest of us. For me, who switched to the RV package in October to get suspended service, shouldn’t be compromised.

    So don’t blame Elon for this change.

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  7. Thanks for the update Don. I just updated my Starlink app to see my monthly usage. I’m halfway through the billing cycle and have used 146 Gb. Guess there is nothing to worry about hitting the cap. Take care.

  8. Thanks Don. I was waiting for this particular report to see if my own observed speed increase was reflected in your data. I had suspected it was due to all the leaves being down (North BAy ON), but it appears that is not the reason. Nice to see the improvement in performance. Yesterday, For the first time in months, my Ubiquity router reported zero interruptions in service over a 24 hour period.
    On the point of data caps, I am perilously close to the 1TB limit. We do little to no streaming. I expect it is the real-time recording on my nine nest cameras around the property. I set this up without understanding the data load it has created. There is no reason to record images to google for all nine, so I will be scaling that back. I support the data caps – there has to be some moral hazard for use beyond a “reasonable” level, whatever “reasonable” is judged to be.

  9. Don, your charts and graphs are excellent and give a very clear picture of your starlink performance. Well done! 2900 sats in orbit…wow!

  10. Thanks Don, a great video. OBTW, your enthusiasm for your speed improvements really shows through. I think that your assessment of the data caps is reasonable. There are others on YouTube having minor "freak outs" about it. Keep up the good work….

  11. Super useful information Don. I will pass it on to users I know. Thanks so much Brother!

  12. As an early BETA SL user just north or Peterborough Ontario, I'd like to see more base stations in Canada. My dish has a clear shot of the sky, but I have only ever seen close to 300mb DL once, which was the very first switch on and speed test I did when I received the kit. I hover around the 100mb DL overall.

  13. Elon is awesome…. what shows are your cat watching? I bet they're purrrrrr-fect animal documentaries….

  14. Always appreciate your update as a fellow Ontario, Canada Starlink customer. The 1 TB "soft" cap is A-ok with me. There's always those who abuse "unlimited" that can potentially ruin it for the rest of us.

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