Has Blue Origin FINALLY done something right? Or has Sierra Space picked the wrong partner?


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  1. 2 to 3 Modified Starships perhaps a few more would make an excellent Space station and would tower anything BO can attain.

  2. Another important thing about the single person spaceship… You can fit it with a small toilet. No more space diapers.

  3. It is a very well matched trio each with their own skills and contribution to make.

    Sierra will design and build stuff.

    Blue Origin will make sure that nothing actually gets built in a reasonable length of time.

    Boeing will make sure that when things eventually do get built they will not work properly.

  4. quick question: how will the crew board the Dreamchaser for launch if iit's already in it's launch fairing? I believe the Russians have a double hatch for the Soyuz, with an outer hatch right on the fairing. Is this going to be the same for The Chaser?

  5. SpaceX is just gonna start daisy chaining a bunch of Starships together, and make this look like a joke.

  6. On your earlier statement about bio suits I redirect you again to what we proposed some years ago regarding using gallium membranes in multiple strata of fabric made of kevlar and laced with bismuith dust? The bismuth provides a level of EM protection, the Kevlar stops the suit from expanding while giving structural support but the gallium is the ace card against decompression: It would exist as non-toxic liquid metal at internal temperature but if exposed to low temperature becomes a solid metal that would be self-sealing by physical nature…

    The patent's already going through legal just on the off-chance anyone thinks they could do an Edison on me nut the light-weight, EM protective and seld-sealing properties of the system would class as a metamaterial perfect for deep cold situations with high radiation exposure?

    Of course if there's Tungsten readily available and processed cheaper versions are possible using iron oxide dust and electromagnetic strips but that would cause issues with radio signals?

    Its never going to happen without some form of magical transporter or wormhole technology.
    Most people have little or no idea how much raw material gets shipped every day. I have actually worked in the Australian iron ore industry.

    I'm an aerospace engineer and I worked there to get practical mining experience before we started mining the moon or asteroids. One of the mines I worked at was Tom Price (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Tom_Price_mine). When I was there it was doing about 20MTA (million tons per annum). At about 70% iron content that 20MTA produces about 14 Million tons of iron and steel. The Space Shuttle could take off with up to 30t of payload but could only land with 14t. So the capacity of the Tom Price Mine would take around 1,000,000 (1 million) Space Shuttle flights each year to deliver the ore to orbit and return the processed iron and steel back.
    Australia currently produces over 880MTA of iron ore for the worlds markets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emm5aHAifMg
    Even if Mr. Bezos suddenly made a vehicle with 100 times the capacity of the Space shuttle it would still take around 400,000 flights to orbit each year JUST to handle Australia's production of iron ore.

    As that video showed – in 2017 China produced over 1,200MT, Brazil is over 430MT and India over 200MT – collectively 2,000 million tons over 100x what Tom Price does.

    So what do you think it will take for the rest of the world's iron ore, nickel, copper, aluminum, zinc and the rest of the minerals we process into the metals we use?

  8. Here's hoping that this is the kick in the nuts BO need to get those BE-4's to ULA and get New Glenn up and running. It's hard to deliver a space station when you can't reach orbit.

  9. No, you have not be slandering Blue Origin, just slamming them, or at least that goofy looking guy at the helm.

  10. This origin flips they could also partner up with SpaceX and use the Starships biggest booster as a backbone. Couldn't they?

  11. What about the factory in orbit that has been requested by a company to be the first to manufacture, And… Allow your average
    everyday civilian scientists to perform experiments in space? Is that on your list of stupid? I think it's great but I would like
    to know what insights you may have. 🙂

  12. Stop right there! You (LIKE…) The inflatable's over steel and lead lined pods that reflect harmful radiation
    Or do inflatable's offer the same protection and I just never heard about it?

  13. If you're building a large rocket to fly up and turn it into a satellite you can leave out a lot of stuff that you would need if you're returning to earth. Like you wouldn't need much heat shielding, since you reach the super high speeds after you have pretty much left our atmosphere. It would be cool if they made one shaped like the Starship Enterprise. Space tourists would love it.

  14. Blue Origin Helter Skelter fare ride is all we have seen so far. It was impressive for what it was. But the rest is vaporware.

  15. No reason a Falcon Heavy could not have a larger unit instead of a fairing. Just eject a nose off of it and expose air locks/docks. One problem with BO's idea is that it shows an entirely open center backbone which is not going to happen with an Earth launched unit of that size. Converting two second stage units to mate would be harder than mating smaller in length units that were already designed to mate. And the interiors would already be ready for use with just some assembly required. 3 10meter long units would work with the center one not having a docking section on the side. For the next docking section, it could be in the #6 unit with 4 & 5 being like #2 and 6 being like 1 & 3. O-ring joint on the outside with a sealant applied to the inside would stop all air leaks between units. Any pressure loss at a joint would force the sealant into the joint. Joint would be just like a regular flanged joint with just more bolts.

  16. That's great for them until a starlink satellite Kamikaze itself into the space station.

  17. I’ll believe it when I see it. Between BO and Boeing being on the project, I’m calling this a PR stunt and a concept, but nothing more. If SpaceX were partnered with Sierra instead, then I’d be excited. If anything, I think BO will sue the other partners for every little issue on the project and bankrupt them both; I see partnering with BO or modern Boeing as corporate suicide.

  18. Cool idea. I think that using the fairings might be easier. As the acces during space walks will be open. After the work is done they can reconnect.

  19. the way to get space correctly is to do it for shares

    if a steel mill donates tons of steel they should be entitled to a return in 30 years 10X that which they gave from the asteroid mining outposts and all their employees get free space flighht
    same can apply to those who donate food to the cause and services with the prospect of their companies being set up in space on stations.

  20. 13:42 "microgravity" is a misnomer. Better to call it "weightlessness" because there is nothing "micro" about Earth's gravitational field at LEO or all the way to the Moon for that matter.

  21. How does blue origin think they will offload heavy/ polluting industries off earth? What is the volume of manufacturing space in the world now and how much less would you need in zero g? No way will they ever scale beyond a novelty.

  22. You open today's video by saying you have slandered Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos. At the risk of being pedantic, slander involves FALSE statements, and I sure haven't heard any. You are the town crier saying "The emperor has no clothes!" and that is healthy for intelligent discussions about space.

  23. Your channel has really moved up as if late. Originally, the "Angry Astronaut" was a cute phrase to draw attention. Today there is much more "meat on the bone" and the field of view is wider than ever. Please keep up the good work.

  24. Me thinks Boeing now realizes that the Starliner will not be a part of Commercial Crew, and will have to cultivate its own customer base.

  25. Let me know when they transfer a coal mine, or oil well, or automobile manufacturing to "micro gravity".

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