GOOD MORNING PLANET EARTH – Ep 1 Moon landing, Elon Musk, & Ocean Plastic


This is our first episode of Good Morning Planet Earth! Pardon the very sub par intro graphic, I’m working on a better one for episode 2. Comment below feedback.

Here’s what’s new in the world!!
-New Electric Hypercar from Lotus
-Was moon landing fake?
-Ocean Cleanup under way


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  1. Binging your channel Spencer. Been a listener of impaulsive since the beginning and Logan's vlogs since the beginning. I just heard you on one of the podcasts saying you have a channel. I'm very happy you have a channel since your done with impaulsive. Hope everything in your life is going great. Peace love and happiness man✌. #letskeepourwrldclean

  2. im constantly keeping track of your work and initiative into making the world a better place . you and the guys on impaulsive are helping me break through the barriers and be the best version of myself , this is exactly what i need at this young age of 17

  3. I love this. I watch a large variety of YouTube content and it’s nice to see you providing something that’s informative and positive to start my weeks off right! I look forward to many more of these. Also love the insight you contribute to impaulsive

  4. I kno the paper staws are great but you're drinking out of a huge plastic cup?? i just watched shaleene woodly she was 1000 miles frm any continent and there was still so much plastic in our oceans we have to do a better job! Luv the show and i finally get to see Angel! ♥♥

  5. You’re a kid if you believe we they went to the moon brother
    Your a smart person please stop thinking that bro
    Go watch all the videos man all astronauts don’t swear on the Bible cuz they didn’t went to the moon.
    There was a big documentary video that went wrong it 100% proof that they didn’t go they took it down from YouTube no where it can be found
    Also if that’s so expensive to go there it was back then today’s technology it so easy for them to go there if they really went 50 years ago
    They would’ve go every day take normal people to tour and stuff
    It’s NASA one of the biggest lies

  6. Cool show man, you still need to check out @cocavo the healthiest oil in the world, get it at Walmart in the health food sections and also now available at Target.

  7. I would of punched that guy in the face too Lol shit. I risk my life to go to the moon in the name of science and humanity and someone thinks it’s fake? Sucker punch that guy in the teeth ?

  8. This was the hardest thing i ever had to listen to, the most liberal, yoga, Starbucks, vegan, plant life cringe i have ever heard. .SOUND HEALING LMAO

  9. Don’t believe the plastic island the size of Texas, there is nothing to support that, why do people feel the need to exaggerate how bad the ocean pollution is.. its almost like people want it to be more polluted then it is. The United States has comparatively no impact on oceanic environment. Making your local shit coffee shop use cardboard straws and writing to state reps (LOL) is not going to do anything. Go after countries like China who buy other countries garbage, and then throws it in the ocean. THEY need the intervention. Stop being an annoying liberal and trying to make everyone miserable with shitty cardboard straws ffs.

  10. Hey Spencer and Alsongel love the new show. Been a fan of Logan and a fan of impaulsive since it started. I've always loved the vibe you bring to that show. Can't wait for more episodes of this show.
    P.s. Any chance that this show will become a podcast?

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