GEO MEO LEO Satellite Explained! | Mobile Communication


GEO MEO LEO Satellite Explained! | Mobile Communication | Advanced Data Communication & Coding

Geo-Stationary Earth Orbit:
These satellites have almost a distance of 36,000 km to the earth.
It is possible to cover almost all parts of the earth with just 3 geo satellites.
The life-time of a GEO satellite is quite high usually around 15 years.
These satellites cannot be used for small mobile phones.
Larger antennas are required for northern/southern regions of the earth.
Fixing a satellite at Geo stationary orbit is very expensive.

Medium Earth Orbit:
Satellite at different orbits operates at different heights. The MEO satellite operates at about 5000 to 12000 km away from the earth’s surface.
Compared to LEO system, MEO requires only a dozen satellites.
Simple in design.
Requires very few handovers.
Satellites require higher transmission power.

Low Earth Orbit:
LEO satellites operate at a distance of about 500-1500 km.
The antennas can have low transmission power of about 1 watt.
The delay of packets is relatively low.
If global coverage is required, it requires at least 50-200 satellites in this orbit.
These satellites involve complex design.

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