GAO Denies Blue Origin Protest | SpaceX Wins HLS Contract

Breaking: GAO Denies Blue Origin Protest | SpaceX Wins HLS Contract
#NASA #SpaceX #BlueOrigin

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  1. I don't know, this could be bad news. A LOT still has to come together for Starship to work, and if it doesn't we're set back for decades.

  2. What were nasa minimum requirements for HeLP, dutch oven, and shet in their diapers? Well, two met those requirements easily, one went just a little and beyond the minimum who did they choose? I personally would have gone with the one who met minimum requirements but would have charges doubly extra just because it would have not been my money And a No cash value coupon of $2B.

  3. It was about time that GAO said "go fishing with your protest loser" to Jeff Who. This bald dude knows perfectly well he can't beat Tony Stark on a fair fight and tried to subtelty grease some politicians in order to stall SpaceX lunar landing development. Keep playing with your Dildorocket, Jeff.

  4. SpaceX deserves this, they worked for it, Bezos tried to bully his way to the top as he is always to do, and Dynetics kept failing testing requirements for their lander, and after NASA finding and reporting to Dynetics multiple times that their kinder was overweight they dragged their feet and then protested against NASA that their lander would work, like NASA has no experience landing in the moon. This is good news, And sends a message that innovation not technical jargon and false promises are required to get contracts.

  5. oh so bad.. not. Bozos will be crying all day. what a loser. couldn't make a tricycle and he was complaining that he had anything near as good as the winning bidder.

  6. Off topic – what pisses me off is that Congress is busy giving away trillions of dollars.  But they refuse to fully fund NASA with about 3 billion. Fyi – 1,000 billion makes a trillion.  Here we go again. Thank God for Musk and his team

  7. Every time I see that picture of those three landers side by side all looking the same size, I get pissed off. ( The picture that you should be using is all of thee time is the one that shows all of the landers in scale. You show me that disingenuous picture of them all looking the same size and I am outta here.

  8. Appsolutly fabulous ,the right decision sum one has there head on the right way round.Elon is the man for the job along with his wonderful work force.

  9. If Americans continue to protest each other like this China will build base on the moon before Americans. Please make Jeff shut up guys for your sake

  10. This is amazing, glad pouty Bezos the clown isn't getting his way, but I still wish there was a way Dynetics could get the contract as well. SpaceX and Dynetics working together would be most ideal

  11. Well exciting times ahead for NASA and Moon landings. However, this does not bode well for SLS. Once Starship is developed, the SLS will be slightly stronger per launch, but will cost 1000 times more.

  12. Glad I finally found your channel.
    Jeff doesn't need nasa or the national shelf. He needs to stop being a tortoise. And just copy Elon, before china does.

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