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Welcome to Me And The Pig 🙂

This channel is about everything in life, but especially my 3 wonderful 4 legged companions ! They are getting old now so care is going to be optimal to keep these 3 going!

Join me on my life adventures with my PALS 🙂

The Pig 10 years old, therapy dog. This special girl gives so much to so many, we volunteer our time around the beautiful city of Calgary in hospitals and facilities, to meet people that are in need of a special kind of love.

Daddy Mac, 15 years old, Farther to the Pig. This energetic old man has been through the wars recently being diagnosed with a nasal carcinoma, we have been fighting it and as you will see he wants to live! This Loving old man will melt your heart.

Lucy, Shes a bit slow, and bit cranky at times (she always has been) but this old lady just won’t stop 🙂 Rolling barking and telling me off are her favorite thing to do.

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