GAME OVER!! Starlink’s INSANE NEW Partnership With Google


Google announced it had won a bid to provide cloud services, data, and Google applications to Spacex Starlink customers, so let’s find out more about this insane partnership! Subscribe to Futurity.

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  1. 499$ for the installation and then 99$ every month .The price is insane for Asian countries . In India alone, a net speed of 1 Gbps is offered at a price of around 50$ with each company providing the installation of the platform and the subscription to all the OTT platforms free of cost . India and China have huge potential markets but at that price, it's hard to sell it !!!

  2. For Elon Musk warning the world about the singularity he (and the real brains behind him) sure is facilitating the infrastructure to make it possible for the least desirable outcome. Don't get me wrong, despite the facts that Alphabet is involved in cutting edge robot development and AI combined with SpaceX/Tesla autonomous satellites and advanced modular assembly lines I'm not predicting a terminator scenario because as far as I know time travel doesn't exist. But the US Military already made and agreement with SpaceX over starlink so that soup is looking more and more like a catastrophe waiting to happen. It's unfortunate because I am one of those underserved people starlink was supposed to be for.

  3. I don't see what's enjoyable about this news. The most unethical and anti-business company just got a hold of starlink. SpaceX just made google's monopoly even harder to challenge. There's nothing good coming from this.

  4. Yeaup true game over ,there goes free speech CCP google and CCP Tesla , you say something wrong against China and your Tesla crushes you against a wall, great going socialist liberal .
    And with wuatum computing more for the game over.

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